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    Default concerned about thefts at CN

    I'm very excited to be going to CN in 1 week from today. THis is a big deal since we haven't gone anywhere for 16 years by ourselves but I have to say I'm concerned about some of the posts I've seen on tripadvisor. The most recent is from a traveler who had a good time here but got an email from Visa fraud protection that her husband's credit card #'s were trying to be used in Kingston. She says that her husband's cards were in safe so someone must have gotten the numbers and tried to use them. I want to know that I'll be safe here. Has anyone ever experienced any of this??

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    March will mark our 12th trip to CN. We have NEVER experienced any theft while on the resort, nor have we had any problems with using our credit cards downtown. I have seen folks leave cameras, etc all day near the pool with no problem. On one of our early trips we did lose my alarm clock (crowed like a rooster, I think that's what made it so noticeable)and my wife lost her cheap cologne. We are pretty sure these items were removed from our luggage when we landed at the Negril aerodrome. Since that one incident we have had no problems such as those you've read about on tripadvisor. Relax, you will be in paradise.

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    I don't see any reason to be concerned. That is not the only way someone could get the cc numbers. If they swiped it anywhere at all, there could have been a skimmer on the machine that records the numbers and that is how they are usually stolen. My friend swiped his in a Coke machine (yes I know, lol) and it got skimmed and used that way.

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    We were at CN last July and never felt unsafe. We kept our wallets with cash and credit cards in the locked safe at all times. We never even used our credit cards, except at the airport. We took enough cash to pay for souveniers, tips, and drinks on the shuttle ride. Credit Card fraud can occur anywhere... I wouldn't worry about it anymore in Jamaica than in the US. Have fun on your trip!
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    We had no problems with our trip in September. We did have a small issue with our safe and could not get in. I went to the front desk and the problem was solved in about 10 minutes from the time I stopped at the front desk.

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    When we were at CN last year we kept everything locked in our safe and everything was fine. In fact one night we came back and couldn't get into our safe. Turns out we left the safe open when we went to dinner. The turn-down service notified the office and locked the safe. I went to the office, they returned to our room and opened the safe so we could verify nothing was missing. Everything was there as we had left it. Just an example of the great service we received at CN.

    I wouldn't worry provided you use the same common sense with your personal information that you should be using everyday. As mentioned above, be careful who you give your card to and what machines you are swiping your card in. Take cash and use it whenever you can.


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    We were at CN five weeks ago. We locked our wallets in the safe, but the camera gear and laptop wouldn't fit. No worries though, the gear wasn't bothered at all and it sat on the sofa most all week. I've never felt this comfortable about hotel room security and there was a lot more employee traffic in and out of the room each day at CN. It is quite pleasant not feeling like you need to hide stuff when you leave the room!

    The only time we used a credit card was at check-in and check-out with no problem noted.

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    Default are your cards safe

    THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AT COUPLES....but no harm with alittle heads up,for other places you might go.... at some hotels all over the world.a hotel worker will go into your room safe,useing a code or a key...use your card and then put in back, you will never know till you get home.(you have to prove to the Card comp that when you were at the hotel you did not use it) I put tape on the door of my safe and if it's broken ,i know if someone was in there.

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    We were at CN in November and had our laptop computer, a digital camera, iPOD, wedding rings, cash, credit cards...etc in our room and in the safe. There were no problems. I am so sick of people accusing the wonderful hotel staff of theft. Use common sense. Also, no one knows the combination to the electronic safe in your room but you because you create the passcode. If for some reason you can not open it, the resort will send someone and they have to take the safe apart to get in. Hope that helps and clears up any fears you may have.

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    I was notified by the fraud department that my card was being used in Nigeria and Madison Wisconsin----while I was at work in NJ.
    Your post made it sound like the theives were running amok at CN!

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    I've experienced theft/credit card fraud twice in my travels.. but not in Jamaica. Both thefts happened in the good ole USA. Even taking all precautions you are open to the possibility. It can happen anywhere so be as vigilant abroad as you are at home.You are going to LOVE Jamaica!

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    We were at CN from Jan 24th -31st. Our BEST vacation EVER!! just be aware of your vauables. Lock them in your room safe, we spent a lot of time on the beach, leaving our bag with our good camera while we swam. Never had a problem. We trust the staff.

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    "She says that her husband's cards were in safe so someone must have gotten the numbers and tried to use them."

    BULL! She's suggesting that some calculating Housekeeper or Bar Stocker not only cracked her PERSONAL safe code but took the time to write down her credit card numbers, NOT take any of their cash which she claimed was in there, and then tried to use her Candian husband's identity WITHOUT the actual card in Kingston? ( where the Staff rarely goes - it's 5 hours away )

    We have had CC Fraud happen to us in Jamaica - and the LAST person I would have pointed to was someone who went into my room.

    Ignore her review - her story is full of holes

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    That is terrific to know that you all have so much trust for the staff of Couples! I think you all have convinced me that this is the only place to go forever!
    Love it! I can't wait to go to couples for the first time with my boyfriend! I am so excited!!!!!

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    The consensus of opinion is this person is talking rubbish?

    2 weeks to CN.

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    I have a funny "theft" story..... When we go to Couples, I always bring my yoga mat so I can do yoga on the beach in the morning. On our second trip to CSA, I brought my yoga mat and then shook it out and left it on our patio after our 2nd morning there since it was really sandy still, and I didn't want to bring it in the room. (It wasn't conspicuously placed.... please no "don't hang your stuff on the railing comments.") Anyway, we came back after lunch and the mat was gone.

    I was SO bummed... not because of the mat (only worth $25) but because of not being able to do yoga the remainder of the trip, right? And was like, "Oh, well... that's what happens when you leave stuff out in plain view."

    That night, when we came back from dinner, we found our room beautifully cleaned, the bed turned down, and the yoga mat rolled up in a corner of the room.... spotlessly clean. Housekeeping had taken it, cleaned it and brought it back for me. Wow!

    How's that for honesty? (and service, too....)

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    I think her story is BS because it sounds like they are trying to pit the blame on a resort instead of anyone else who is more likely to steal it. IE: airport, gift shops, etc. I think the whole post is geared towards stearing people away from Jamaica.

    We used the safe and didn't have a problem at all. Don't believe it unless you know the person it happened to.

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    When we were there just a few weeks ago we had zero problems and we left our laptops out every day. I was never worried either.

    However by best friend was there three weeks before us on a romantic getaway and her sunglasses went missing out of her luggage. They disappeared sometime between her last full day there and the travel home.

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    As soon as you said Tripadvisor you said it all.

    In all the years we have been going to CN we have NEVER had a problem with anything stolen or missing.

    The staff has become like a second family to us and I have a great deal of trust in them.

    Randymon won't print what I'd like to say about Tripadvisor but to say they mislead people is simply being nice.

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    I've never been to CN, but at CSA our housekeeper came running after us after we checked out. Breathlessly, she presented what we'd left in the safe---DH's wedding band! I suppose there can be thefts anywhere, but I left Couples feeling like the staff was scrupulously honest.

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    Thanks everyone. I didn't think I would have a problem but guess I wanted assurance since I have never been there.

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    I agree that Couples is generally a trustworthy place to stay, but for God's sake, please use common sense when traveling anywhere outside of your own home address. When traveling abroad, please notify your credit card company of where you'll be and when. This will help them to verify account activity, and will help to ensure your account's safety. And although you may feel very safe keeping your valuables outside of your safe, I still think it's a better idea to keep them in your safe or "hidden" in a locked piece of luggage. Why put temptation in anyone's way???

    Again, just use some common sense and I'm sure you'll have a great stay.

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    Couples Management has addressed that review with a very straigh-up response.

    Funny how she never mentioned if they reported anything since they were still at the resort when the fraud occured. Usually people will elaborate on something that serious...and spend less tiem complaining about the public

    There are MANY other ways people can get your CC info- breaking into a Safe is not the most likely way.

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    In 2004 we went to Couples Sweept Away, and the wonderful staff stole our hearts. We did not report it, and being gluttons for "punishment" we have returned five more times.

    Once while we were traveling in Jamaica, Citibank alerted us that someone was trying multiple overseas transactions on our card. So we cancelled the card, only to find out later that the charges were being made by a hotel operator in Ireland who was trying to charge me a deposit on the cottage that I had booked for a week.

    So the moral of my story is, when traveling in Jamaica beware of Irish hotel owners who still use dial - up connections.
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    Thanks for the laugh, Cubismo !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubismo View Post

    So the moral of my story is, when traveling in Jamaica beware of Irish hotel owners who still use dial - up connections.

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