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    Default BFVS or BFS? And Which Floor?

    We have narrowed it down to Beachfront Verandah Suite (we would probably request a 3rd Floor Corner, for view & privacy) and Beachfront Suite.

    We don't really care if it has a TV or not so not a big deal. Don't care if it has a tub/shower or just shower. So here are my questions:

    Which has the best bathroom in terms of space? Also, are the rooms in the BFS really larger? Oh and also, which one has more closet/storage space if there is a difference?

    If we were to choose the BFS, which is better, the ground floor or 2nd Floor? I realize it is a personal preference....I think I like the 2nd floor because it might be a little more private and has vaulted ceilings....although I don't love that the bathroom door is slatted and the wall isn't to the ceiling. Are the bathrooms like that on the ground level as well?

    Does anyone have pictures of the Beachfront Suites and the bathrooms?

    We are getting married there so this is why we are being a little more nit-picky than we would be normally!

    I know it doesn't seem like these are deal breaking questions......but it will really help in our final decision!

    Thanks so much!!!!!!
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    Hi Miasma,
    The 3rd floor BVS and the 2nd floor BFS are very compareable in size and both are very private. There are a couple of larger ground floor BFS that are larger but what you gain in space (a few feet) you give up in privacy and unobstructed views. The 3rd floor BVS probably have the best potential for an unobstructed ocean/beach view. In the original section there can be palm trees partially blocking the view even on the 2nd floor. That can be a good thing because it can provide some shade in the afternoon.

    Just to make your choice harder, the bathroom walls in the BFS and the BVS both go to the ceiling. All the bathrooms have been remodeled to have showers only and are pretty much the same size. Also the slats on the bathroom doors can be angled to be closed.

    Really the choice comes down to the TV. We usually stay in the BFS and have never missed the TV. However when we did stay in the BVS we were tired one night and it was nice to come back to our beautiful room and snuggle in bed and watch a movie.

    You really can't go wrong with either choice. They are both lovely rooms.
    Hope you enjoy CSA as much as we do. Can't wait to get back again.


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    Hi Karon!
    Thanks for such a quick reply! Oddly enough we decided to go with the BFS and when I called this morning, they are sold out for our time period! No worries, it just made it easier for us and we are booked into the BVS. I have no doubt we will be very happy and would have been with either!
    Your response, however, really helped with perspective to the view & privacy aspects. And a snuggle & movie sounds good. I also heard that Jamaican tv was entertaining.
    My fiance was a little concerned with closet/drawer space. What are your thoughts on this in the BVS? Did you find that it was ample? We are only going for 7 nights but will have wedding clothes, etc.

    Take care,

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    We personally love the BFS's... we like being right on the beach, and we like the "original" rooms. We like not having a TV and also having 3-4 rooms per building rather than 12. We also enjoy that side of the resort more. (Like being further away from the greathouse...)

    We have had both 2nd floor and 1st floor rooms, and we really DO like the 2nd floor better (Although that first floor with the wraparound balcony does have a much larger bathroom than the second floor). Since we spent most of our room time ON the balcony, though, that's what's important to us, and we also like the additional privacy that you get on the 2nd floor.

    On our next trip, however, we are opting for an Atrium suite in order to stay an extra night (8. Woot Woot.)

    Have an awesome time!

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    Hi Mia,
    I think the closet/drawer space in the BVS might be more to your liking because from what I remember there are a few drawer in the built-in organiser in the BVS's but none in the BFS's. I remember the first time I was at CSA and was surprised there were not dresser or drawers in the room. I didn't think I'd like it but now I do. I found it easy to decide what to wear because when you open the closet all your clothes are right there for you to see. Now when I go to other resorts and have to put my clothes away in drawers it's a pain opening all the drawers to search for things. I've figured out a way of putting my clothes on the shelves that allow for the clothes I need to make decisions on wearing (t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits) in the front and the things I don't need to make decisions on or don't want to be seen (panties, bras etc) in the back. I also hang as many things as possible. Suggestion - pack a few hangers to use in the room and then leave them there so you have extra weight capacity available in your suitcase to bring home a few souvenirs. I haven't had any problem with the size of hanging space in the closet even when staying 2 weeks but I have never brought wedding clothes. Shouldn't be a problem but you migt want to ask your wedding cooriniator if they have a secure place you could store your gown if it's on the large size. I've had more problem with getting all my shoes in the closet than clothes - haha.

    I'm assuming you're getting married at CSA if you are bringing wedding clothes. Congrat's. It's a beautiful place to get married. When is the big date?

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    The more I write and read, the more excited I get and very comfortable with having booked the BVS....but I believe ultimately we would have been happy either way or with a different room category entirely! Perhaps after our first trip we will become lifers and try them all!

    As for storage/closets/drawers, that's all very helpful, thank you! Not sure about the wedding dress yet, but knowing me it will be simple and streamlined so will probably be just fine in the closet provided!

    Getting married on Nov 18....but seems like a lifetime away!

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