My fiance and I are planning our wedding for November 2010. We are travelling with 2 other couples. We are very torn between the 2 Negril locations. I have read many reviews and looked through many photos. If I could combine both resorts with the things that I like about each, I would create the perfect resort for us! I like the location of CSA (on 7 mile beach) but I like the rooms (especially the size!!) and the pool at CN better. I think all other things are probably comparable i.e. service, food quality, size and beauty of beach, water sports, entertainment. Although the sports facilities at CSA are grander, we are more apt to lay on the beach, by the pool, water activities, drink, eat. So this doesn't sway us but it doesn't scare us either! From what I read, both beaches are wonderful Bloody Bay & 7 Mile.......Mostly we need to decide what is more important: the location of the beach & sunsets at CSA or the rooms at CN. Can anyone whose stayed at both locations help us to decide? Thanks!!!!