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    Default Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away? Please Help!

    My fiance and I are planning our wedding for November 2010. We are travelling with 2 other couples. We are very torn between the 2 Negril locations. I have read many reviews and looked through many photos. If I could combine both resorts with the things that I like about each, I would create the perfect resort for us! I like the location of CSA (on 7 mile beach) but I like the rooms (especially the size!!) and the pool at CN better. I think all other things are probably comparable i.e. service, food quality, size and beauty of beach, water sports, entertainment. Although the sports facilities at CSA are grander, we are more apt to lay on the beach, by the pool, water activities, drink, eat. So this doesn't sway us but it doesn't scare us either! From what I read, both beaches are wonderful Bloody Bay & 7 Mile.......Mostly we need to decide what is more important: the location of the beach & sunsets at CSA or the rooms at CN. Can anyone whose stayed at both locations help us to decide? Thanks!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miasma View Post
    . . . . I like the location of CSA (on 7 mile beach) . . . .
    Both CN and CSA are located on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length. CSA is on Long Bay and shares the bay with numerous other resorts, restaurants, and bars. CN is on Bloody Bay and shares the bay with three other resorts.
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    "From what I read, both beaches are wonderful Bloody Bay & 7 Mile"

    Not to confuse you more, but Bloody Bay IS on Seven Mile Beach. The Beach is made up of the two bays, Bloody and Long...

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    Check out this map. It gives you a great overview of 7 mile.

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    If you ask me, it is CSA hands down, no question about it. Of course, a CN fan will be along soon to say the exact opposite.

    You will just have to read as much as you can, look at pictures (Trip Advisor is god for that) and see what calls to you. Everyone is different so you have to decide for yourself.

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    We've been to both and love both. You can't go wrong with either.

    If the room is a deciding factor for you, keep in mind how little time you spend in your room. (We also love the rooms at CN.)

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! Blessings to a lifetime of romance and happiness!!! Either resort will be a lovely way to start off your life together.

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    Hello and Congratulations!
    We've stayed at both and loved both. The resorts are extremely similar. The sports ammenities are nice at CSA but also "away" from the relaxing side of the resort (it wasn't distracting or a guilt trip for us). We used the facilities a few times. Key difference for us was that CSA had some nightlife (music, dancing, Ultimate Chocolate). CN was much quieter at night. Otherwise, they were extremely similar for us. The pool is a little better at CN but the beach at CSA made up for it. We didn't get married there but I love weddings and I did notice that the CSA wedding spot is more in the middle of it all on the main part of the beach. CN's wedding spot seemed more intimate, more away from the majority of the people laying out in the sun. If you are one of the lucky couples who have the priviledge of getting married at sunset, you won't have to worry about it at either place. The beach at sunset at both resorts is a fairy tell and not usually the crowded in the least. I hope this helps. Good luck and have a great time!

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    We've been to both CN and CSA. Both have fabulous beaches, so no worries there. We too had trouble picking which one to go back to. They are both equally fantastic! It sounds like the rooms and pool at CN are "calling" you. Go for CN, and sign up for the Romance Rewards program before you go. You will then be able to take a day trip over to CSA and you can check it out. If you think you will like it, then go there for your anniversary!
    I know you will hear this a thousand times, and it is true, you will not be disappointed with either resort.
    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Couples Negril! We were there in January and others we met said It's a bit more upscale than CSA having gone to both. To us we felt a great intimacy as a married couple over all the different resorts we were at in Jamaica. We are CN fans forever!

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    Depending on what time of year you are going, the sun will set in the ocean at CN.
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    I love love love the rooms at CSA (mostly for the HUGE VERANDAHS) but not including the balcony you are hardly ever in the room so why pick a hotel for a room? You're going to be on the beach and pools etc more than your room, CSA's beach is amazing and there is soo much to do, the watersports guys are awesome. The restaurants are fabulous as well....oh and the spa SOOOO great! You have to make this decision yourself but I would highly recommend CSA!

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    We went to CN 2 years ago and loved it. The beach was amazing and we had a private dinner in the treehouse on the beach. Can't comment on CSA as we've not been there. I'm sure whatever you decide you will end up happy. Just don't forget to try a Bob Marley cocktail!

    Have a wonderful time xx

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    I'm a csa fan based off my own research and experience. I have bee to cn but but not in the rooms. They do look nicer but we didn't care about the rooms that much. The beach a csa is much bigger and prettier hands down. The food is probably similar and the swim up bar was more popular at cn but I loved the one at csa too. There is more around csa to walk to as well.

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    I would agree that if CN is calling to you, that is probably where you should end up. However, if you are planning to get married on the beach at the resort, you should know that at CN this is right next to the AN beach. For some that is no big deal but bur for others that could be a VERY big deal. Only you can decide how big of a deal it is to you.
    That said, we prefer CSA. We live in Nebraska so when we are in Jamaica we don't want to hang out at the pool. We want to be on the beach. We felt the beach felt more crowded at CN, in fact the resort itself felt more crowded. I'm sure that was because everything is so centrally located as opposed to spread out at CSA. We loved the rooms at CSA and they appealed to us much more that the rooms at CN. But your preferences are the other way so you should listen to that. You truly can't go wrong with either choice.

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    Default I'll be there

    I am a Couples newbie but we will be at CN on November 10-15 for our 10th anniversary - not sure when your getting married but CN was definately the one that called to me! Maybe I'll see you there!

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    Thanks to everyone for all of your insight! We actually decided on CSA afterall and are booked! I had originally wanted CSA and then flipped and flipped back again! They both seem fantastic and we will definately sign up for romance rewards and check out CN! Perhaps we will become Couples devotees!

    We are booked from Nov 15 - Nov 22, getting married on Nov 18. Being at the end of the hurricane season, does it still rain later in the afternoon? We are trying to choose a wedding time 11am & lunch or 4pm and cocktails/dinner.

    Also, as we are newbies and really want beachfront and the minibar is important for us (tv not so much).....we are trying to decide between the Beachfront Verandah and the Beachfront Suite. Is the BFS really that much bigger and which ones have the best bathroom and closet space? From pics the BFS appears to have a lot more storage....Any thoughts or advice? I know, it seems like minor details, but anything you've got may help us to decide!


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