I Feel like I'm never going to find a dress! Thought it would be fun to go dress shopping, and at first it was, but .. I think I'm being too picky or something but I just don't feel like any dress is "the one".

anyway, my question is, for those of you who had a long dress that swept the ground, or had a small train, was it a hassle? some of the dresses I try on are pretty but I kind of can't imagine dragging a dress around down the steps at CSS/over the sand/lawn etc.

I've tried on a couple of tea-length dresses that were very pretty, I dont' feel as glamorous in them, but I think they have a more beachy feel... more like I can see myself hanging out in the dress with ease...

anyone who has been-there-done-that.... is dress length important.. would you do it differently?

help! 4 mo to go and no dress yet!