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Thread: Best sunscreen?

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    Default Best sunscreen?

    Hey ya'll! We are starting to buy things for our trip, YAY! How much sunscreen should we bring for 8days? Also, what kind do ya'll prefer? Brand, SPF, & Spray or liquid?
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    Anything over about SPF 30 is probably not going to give any additional protection. I prefer the rub on lotions to spray on. Sprays seem to waste too much and run out way too fast. SPF depends on your skin and your desire to tan a lot or not so much. We start the week with an SPF 30 for the first couple of days and drop to an SPF 15 the last couple of days. If we have a good base tan before going to Jamaica we may end up the week with an SPF 8. Like wise if we are pale on arrival we will use the 30 for the week. We like Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic. Keep in mind you will have to pack lotions in larger bottles in your check baggage due to TSA regulations for carry on. I'm sure you will get lots more advice on this.

    Have a great trip!

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    Thanks dirtleg! We are both super pale right now. I would love to come back tan though, lol! We are also getting married our 5th day there, so we have to be careful we don't burn before then.

    I'll go pick up some more bottles of the non-spray kind. Thanks!

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    I love the sunscreen sticks for faces. It looks like a glue stick and it is easy to apply. It is little and fits in pockets/purses perfectly! Coppertone and Water Babies make it for sure.

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    We use anywhere from 30-50. We pretty much stick with Ocean Potion because they have products with Parsol 1789/Avobenzone, and I can get their face stuff with zinc oxide.

    Haven't burned since we started to use this stuff. Note: My husband and I are also the couple who actually try to come back without too much of a tan.

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    AlmostMrsC be careful of strap marks from your bikinis, swimsuits etc. Its easy to end up with white lines that will show on your wedding photos! Have a great wedding!

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    Consumer Reports have rated Neutrogena's Helioplex lotion as the best sun screen. It comes in assorted SPF protection values.

    This might be a good time to post my semi - annual warning about those spray - on sunscreens. The overspray leaves an oily residue on the tile floors that is very slippery, and difficult to clean. So if you are applying them in your room, please use a towel or stand on a floor mat. Your housekeeper will really appreciate it.
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    We like the Coppertone Sport non-spray. It's not at all greasy and doesn't have much scent to it at all. I love the coconut scent that a lot of sunscreens have but Chuck isn't crazy about it, this one is almost unscented. It's also waterproof so you can get in the water and not need to come out and reapply. If we swim or snorkle for a long time we will put more on but for a quick cool-off dip we never have and it seems to really stay on. Truthfully I suspect it would after a longer time as well but I hate the thought of ruining my trip with a burn so we don't take chances. We take several SPF's, start with a 30 the first days and then go to a 15. Used to use 8 but haven't been able to find it the last few years in this brand.

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    be careful if you have sensitive skin with the Helioplex! I got a Horrid rash from it ( it says for sensitive skin too).

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    We love L'Oreal Ombrelle with Mexoryl. I haven't found it in the states,so I order it online from Canada. It's the greatest. They have a spf 30 sport cream that really stays on well. You don't have to reapply when you go in the water. And it doesn't leave you sticky. Mexoryl protects the best against both UVA & UVB rays.

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    ElaineP, I am getting all strapless bikinis for the first half of our trip. I wanted new ones, and now I have an excuse to get a couple... lol

    Thanks ya'll for all the awesome info. I truly don't know what I would do without this forum. I for sure would have not known about Air Jam canceling our flight in May!

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    I work with Derms day in and day out and they ALL highly recommend the neutrogena with helioplex spray...they all say it is the best and blocks the most rays.

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    We tried one called "Blue Lizard" this year because it came in a tube that was small enough for our carry-ons. It is now my favorite. Stays on forever! This was my first carribean vacation that I didn't burn.

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    Remember your lips!!!! They get sunburned too!
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    Default Warning on helioplex!!!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are going to use the stuff with Helioplex, try it on your skin BEFORE you go on vacation! I used Bananna Boat SPF 15 with Helioplex on our last vacation to Jamaica and ended up with a reaction so bad that the Doctor had to be called in to give me a shot of hydrocortizone AND give me a prescription for prednisone! Needless to say, I was miserable for 2 days and had a whopping $210 doctor bill to pay.

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    When choosing ANY skin care product, it's ALWAYS prudent to test it out on a small patch first.
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    Ocean potion every time

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    We really like the spray on sunscreen oils. There is one made by Banana Boat that's SPF15 and one made by Kiss My Face that's SPF30. I find that the oils stay on really really well, and I like the way they look and feel. They also spread really nicely and I end up with less missed spots.

    My fail-safe for my face, however, is a big hat.

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    Use Aloe Vera This wonder plant is a natural sunscreen healer for sunspots on skin

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    Use Aloe Vera This wonder plant is a natural sunscreen healer for sunspots on skin

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    I agree - Ocean Potion. Since I have not found it in Canada, I always make sure that I buy extra at CN before I leave to last me throughout the year

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    We always use Banana boat start with 30 then move to 15 some times at the end of the week I move to 8. I really don't use the spray because I hate when I am sitting down wind of someone using it and end up getting spray in my face. Some people just don't think about those around them

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    I like BullFrog sport. I have never had a burn from using it either in Missouri or in Jamaica. The smell is rather like chemicals, but stays on in the water really well.

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    We used the Banana Boat 30+ spray dry-feel, applied in the shower in the morning. Seemed like it worked great, but I have no comparisons.

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