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    Default Horseback riding at CTI

    Hello CTI fans, Just can't wait - 3 short weeks to CTI. Im so excited I did our pre check in today. I was wondering about the horseback riding. I normally pack very light - only sandals, swim suites and sundresses for dinner. I never bother packing a pair of jeans or boots/running shoes. (Even for the flight from Canada, i just dress in lots of layers). Can anyone advise if i can get away with shorts and sandals for the horseback ride. Thanks!

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    You won't want to. Pack a pair of yoga pants and wear sneakers for the trip. I wore Bermuda shorts last time and the straps irritated my calves and ankles. They won't let you ride in sandals.

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    Thanks Vicky! Its been several years since we have been riding. Looking forward to it.

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    There was also some brush sticking out on the trail and I got some scratches on my legs. when we were there, they went to two different places. They do a plantation ride where you get off the horse and Dan teh Coconut Man does a demonstration of fruits that are from the island, you see some animals (ostriches and something else, but I can't remember, up close and personal) then back on the horse. You also look out over Ocho Rios and the White River Gorge. There are amazing views, lots of photo ops. They take your photo through out your ride and y ou can buy a CD with the photos at the end of the trip. I think it was about $15 and we have enjoyed having it. On the other ride, you go in a shuttle up the mountain, get on the horse, ride the trail, turn around and come back, get back in the shuttle and go back to resort. Our preference was the Plantation ride.

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