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    Default Wedding at CTI

    Does anyone know the locations CTI has for a wedding ceremony? Pics would be great!

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    Bayside for the gazebo.
    By the pier for the beach.
    By the swim up pool bar for the garden.

    Each place is gorgeous! I enjoyed my wedding on the beach thoroughly! =)

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    Default Wedding at CTI

    We got married at CTI in October 2007. We chose to get married on the beach. Here is a link to some of our pics. Some were taken by my sister and some by the resort contracted photographer. You will love getting married there. Latoya, the wedding coordinator is fantastic. She will make sure that your day is perfect and stress-free.

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    I like the picture with the island in the back and the one where you all were sitting in a window-like thing with the water in the background. I'm trying to decide between CTI and CSS for my wedding.

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    I have seen weddings on the pier also.

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    You can get married on the Island if you are willing to pay for it.

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    We were married at CTI in March of 2000 and have been back a few times since. We are headed there for our 10 year anniversary and will be renewing our vows. Doesn't matter where you have the ceremony - each place is beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing about our wedding day...the staff at CTI are the best and made it the most wonderful, stress free day of my life. I cannot WAIT to get back home and do it all over again!

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