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    Default Knee Replacement and Airport Security

    I am having a knee replacement in a couple of weeks and was just wondering if anyone who has had one had any trouble getting through the scanners in the airports? If so what did you do?

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    Don't know if you are having full or partial, had a freind that has had partial knee replacement and he had not issue at all with security.

    If they do pick up on something all they will do is pull you over and do a scan, no issue, explain that you had your knee replaced.

    But to be honest I do not think that the metal detectors pick up things like that. I travel a lot for business and have never seen this being an issue.

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    It is a full replacement on the left knee. Hopefully it won't be an issue.

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    Mom carries a card with her knee replacement info on it, though I don't know if she's ever had to show it.

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    I have a pacemaker and my husband has both hips replaced. We both have cards from our doctors but have never had to show them. For my husband, they take him to the side and use the wand instead of going thru the scanner. For me, I have to go to the side also but I get the full pat-down since I can't be scanned or wanded. Hope this help!

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    I've had 2 hip replacements and I always set off the metal detector but it's never been a big issue. When I walk through and it beeps I tell them right away and they just do a full scan with the wand. I also have a card but have never been asked to show it.

    Only once in Switzerland I got pulled behind the curtain for a full pat down, but I didn't care too much.

    Just be up front and tell them about your knee - you will be fine!

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    I'm so glad I saw this thread. My mother had a total knee replacement, and during the surgery, the doctor accidently cracked her patella, so she has a couple of permanent screws through the bone. This is her first time out of the country and doesn't have a 'card' so I hope a verbal explanation will be enough.

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    My husband had a knee replacement a few years ago. Everytime he goes through security he sets it off. They always pull him off to the side and scan him. Thats all they will do. He does have a card that shows he had a replacement but they never want to see that. You will have no problem, just will get a better scan.

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    Kinda interesting but my knee does not set off the detector in MBJ airport. It sets off every other detector I have ever been in....

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    Since my wife's knee replacement always set's off the alarm, we make sure I go through the scanner first so I am able to retrieve her belongings going through the X-Ray machine while they do a hand scan. A doctor's card or letter is useless because they will scan anyway.

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    It is a weird thing…I am a white male over 55 with a total knee replacement and I get “profiled” every time I go to an airport… So tell me why we can’t actually profile the bad guys? Anyone????

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    Had two total knee replacements two years ago and had no problem at all! Be courteous with airport security even when you get wanded and you will have no problem, mon!

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    You should first inform the security staff at the airport to avoid unnecessary troubles. Because you will be stopped by metal detectors in the airport.

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    I can only speak for Charlotte. I alaways tell them about the knee replacement and even though I go through the scanner, I must still undergo the pat down. I don't understand why they send me through the scanner first, but I have no problem with safety first. A bit of a problem if you have a short window for connecting flight in another terminal. In Jamaica, it was no problem at all. We have missed a flight once.

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    I have bilateral knee replacements and I always set the alarm off and have to get hand scanned. If the full body scans are available I let them know about my knees and use it. Never really had a problem.

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    If you are able to use the new full-body scanners, then they will see that you had a replacement, and you can go on your way without the wanding.

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    Doubtful it will be a problem. Not like it is the first one ever. I have two plates and 17 screws in my left arm, goes off every time, and never an issue once explained.

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    just back from Negril -- it really depends on the airport. I try to use the full body scanner if at all possible (avoids pat-down and is faster). In Montego Bay, my total hip has never set off the alarm (been through twice). They do not have a full body scanner. In past experiences, taking the card with you that says you have had an implant is worthless. I could never even get TSA to look at it

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    I work for an orthopedic surgeon. Our office does not give out cards explaining that any replacements have been done. Most of the hardware ever used is titanium, therefore shouldn't set off detector, however it will show in a scanner. Any implant with stainless steel will. If you are in question have your surgeon print off paper copies of an X-ray showing hardware and a copy of your operative report.

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    I have a pacemaker and it has gone both ways. Just last weekend I went through a metal detector and scanner with no problems, the time before that I had to be wanded and patted down because they saw it on the scanner. There has only been one time that I've had a problem and the security wanted to actually see my scar. Even that wasn't really a problem, just a strange request.... I doubt you will have any problems.

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    I just fractured my ankle in February and had 9 screws and a plate put in; and recently started travelling for work again. I have not set of any off any of the scanners yet ( at least in the US.) I will see what happens when we are in Jamaica in January. As others said; with Titanium it usually does not set off any scanners.

    Ashley & Terry

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    Default wife was in a reeeally bad car accident about 20 years ago, she has pins and wires in her chest to help keep rib cage in place and two 10 inch titanium rods going up each side of her spine. I just went through the body scanner first in Minneapolis and Jamaica and told the guy watching that he should get ready for a show from the lady behind me. They were both super cool about it when they saw all the metal on the screen! YIPES!!! the scars are a super conversation starter on tower island too... and yes, everyone we met at couples was super polite. we tease about the scars and diann isn't self conscious about them at all

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    having had bilateral knee replacements in 2010 what you can expect if you go through a metal scanner is a full pat down. wear loose clothes as they will go about your entire waist band area, inside and outside both legs, as well as arms and sleeve area. if you go through (if it's i your airport of landing and departing) the full body scan you'll pass through no issues. having a card IS pointless, they will never ask for it. have your spose go through firs too as you will be tied up if you go through the detector so he/she can gather your belongings as well. btw i'm a male and keep asking for the woman to do the pat down......TSA has no sense of humor

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