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    Default BFS at CN drawers or dressers?

    This might seem like an odd question but I was looking at the pictures of the beachfront suite and I was wondering; do the BFS at CN have a dresser or drawers anywhere in the room or closet? OR does anyone have a picture of the inside of the closet in the bathroom? We have stayed at CSA and I like the standing unit they have for folded items, I was hoping for something similar.
    I can make do with whatever it was just a thought that came to me this morning! 166 days!!

    Also, any word on the bathroom remodels at CN? I saw a post a while back saying that they were being updated I was just wondering if that had started and is the BFS was getting this also? I LOVE the size of the BFS bathroom that why I selected the upgrade! Iím Just curious.

    Thanks All

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    The BFS has a good size closet in the bathroom. One side is for hanging clothes and the other side has a standing drawer unit. There are 4 drawers that are roughly 20 inches wide with space on top for storage and space below for shoes and such. There are also hooks on the wall next to the closet. We do not bring a ton of clothes and this is enough space for us. Anyone bringing lots of outfits may have trouble storing it all away.
    The BFS bathrooms were updated a couple years back and are beautiful. If you go on the Tripadvisor site and look at travelers photos you will see a lot of BFS bathroom photos. You just need to have a bit of time to scroll through them all.
    Have a great time!

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