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    Default Beachfront suite

    So I have been reading other posts and it sounds to me like only 3 of the beachfront suites have the wrap around porches. What do the other rooms have that do not have them? At this time for the time we are looking @ going the beachfront suite would be $500 more for the week. Is the room not worth it? We are trying to decide between the atrium and the beachfront suite cuz I like all the windows. (and a fridge would be nice) Thanks for the help.

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    Ok... here is the best way to describe the Atrium and Beachfront Suites in the original section of SweptAway. Assume nothing as far as scoring one of those bottom floor Beachfront Suites with the wraparound verandah.

    Ultimately, these two classifications are identical as far as what they look like. There are two suites on the bottom floor, two suites on the top... location is the obvious difference, the Atriums have a very inviting hammock on the verandah, but the Beachfronts have a minibar. They both have the shuttered windows, and the airy open bungalow look and feel to them.

    Now about those three buildings with the huge wraparound verandahs on the bottom floor...

    These three buildings have two suites on the top floor, and only one suite on the bottom floor. The bottom floor suite isn't really that much bigger than any other room at the resort, but they DO have those huge verandahs on them.

    Are the Beachfront Suites worth the extra money? That's a value judgement you have to make. For the most part, all of the Atrium Suites are within a one minute walk of the beach. They are also off the beaten track (that is, the beach walk), so there is quite a bit less traffic around them during the day.

    There are enough room classifications at SweptAway to meet every taste and a broad range of budgets... each classification is unique in its own way, but in our opinion, the only real advantages are in location.

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Click on the tab above for CSA, then click on the link for the maps and panoramic views. When the map loads, click on the beachfront suite; this will bring up a 360-degree view of a room in that category, and you'll be able to see what the porch looks like.
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    Ohh boy, I am having the same conundrum too because I LOVE the wooden slats and I think it's going to come down to tossing a coin!

    So basically, the only difference is that the Beachfront suites have a view of the beach and have a mini bar?

    I was sold on the Atrium suits until I found out there was no mini bar. So then I told my fiance that we had to have a Beachfront suite. But now I am wondering if that extra $450 is really worth it for a minibar, but now I'm wondering if we'll be in the room enough to make us of that minibar and have it worth the extra cash.

    AHH decisions! I suppose it's a good one to have

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    The only beachfront suites I remember must be the old ones with the larger porch. What do the others looks like? Is the porch only in the front like the atrium suite?

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    Default We did Beachfront - Atrium next

    Simply...Beachfront is nice, yes. We won't do it again though. You don't need the minibar. You're hardly in your room for one and the little 'drink huts' are literally steps away from either of these rooms... so you just have them make you a nice fresh drink and then mosey over to your veranda. We did pay premium for beachfront...they are nice, very busy during the day with foot traffic, as well though. We're hoping to go this May and we'll book an Atrium because we didn't utilize the mini-bar (hardly at all and we're lushes!) and because those hammocks looked like heaven. Plus they are just a bit more set back. And only by about 25 feet! Those atrium suites are crazy-close to the beachfront you're not missing out on that much.

    My advice is...get an Atrium and stay another night instead. Just my humble opinion, though.
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    I think my b/f and I are in the minority here - we liked having the mini-bar and TV(stayed in a Garden Verandah). I enjoyed being able to have some sort of drink before bed or when I woke up in the morning as I am not much of a water drinker. We hung out in our room probably a little more than most as we liked to relax with the tv before bed and are slow to get moving some mornings. It's really all about preference. You'll enjoy CSA either way!

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    We think the BFS's are worth the extra $. IF you can get one in the middle of the resort. We like hearing the waves on the beach and the frogs singing at night. I guess we are a bit spoiled.

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    I love the atrium the best too but they sold out the day before I booked our honeymoon. I had wanted a top floor beachfront but then I started wanting to be able to sit on the porch instead of fighting for a palapa so I removed our request for the top floor. Who knows if we would even get one and I can see advantages of both so I don't want to get my hopes up for one or the other. Still wondering about the differences between the wrap around porch ones and the other ones. Are the porches just in the front like the atrium suites?

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    Personally, we LOVE the BFS's. We have had the big downstairs unit 2x and the big upstairs unit 1x. We like the upstairs better.

    On our last trip to CTI, however, we did NOT upgrade to a room with a minibar... (mainly since only suites at CTI have the minibars, and we just weren't gonna do THAT) and we found that we really did NOT miss the minibar.

    So.... this trip to CSA, we are booking an Atrium for an extra night. I know that we won't miss the minibar, and I'm hoping that we won't miss the beachfront view all THAT much...

    So all that being said: if money were NO object at all, I would definitely go for the BFS, and stay there and be happy.

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    Musicalrose - My husband and I are pretty adamant about the mini bar too. We've had the garden suite, no mini bar, and while the room was lovely, really missed having drinks at the ready. We drink a lot of water and the pitcher didn't cut it. We like to mix up cocktails and chill in the room before dinner, and the mini bar allows this. Would love to experience an Atrium someday, but it will never happen until they have mini bars.

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