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    Default Ocean view room recommendations at Couples Negril

    Hello everyone! What ocean view room do you recommend at Couples Negril? I have requested building 9 third hopes that it offers more shade on the balcony in the evening.

    Thanks loads!

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    First, there are no rooms called Ocean View. They are called Deluxe Ocean and have only an obstructed view of the ocean. They are actually the farthest from the ocean. Second, I don't believe there are any Deluxe Ocean rooms in building 9. I think building 9 is all Deluxe Beachfront and 3 Garden Suites. The Deluxe Ocean rooms are in buildings 7 and 9 only (unless things have changed).
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    Hi Runner44: Saw you haven't had any responses so I thought I would reply. I haven't been to CN yet, but my hubby and I hope to go in June. What I have read about building 9 is it is closest to the Au Naturel beach and some rooms/balconies may have a slight view of that section and its guests. I don't pay much attention to other guests and we want building 9 to walk right out to the a/n beach, so we hope to book for June.
    Went to CSS last year and loved it and their a/n beach pool, etc. Also, can see and read that the ocean view side building 9 rooms do have shade in the late afternoon/evening and most people have left or soon leaving the beach by that time so you should have your shade with an angled ocean view with trees and greenery which sounds like a good balcony view with your loved one. Enjoy!

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    Thank you foreverbarefootSXM...I appreciated your response. Building 9 looks like the building for us. Hopefully we can get a 3rd floor room too. We will be at Couples Negril in early April....can't wait! I know you are going to love this resort and the beautiful sea. The beach is so smooth and the waters very calm. We love Couples Sans Souci too. Both resorts have their own's all good!!!

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    Runner 44: you are probably talking about the Deluxe Ocean rooms which the Couples Negril Booking Availability site shows Deluxe Ocean are in 5 and 7-9 ( which should mean 5, 7,8,9). Deluxe Beachfront shows 1,5,6,9. Enjoy your trip.

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    We have had a 3rd floor room at CN in building 9 before and enjoyed its proximity to the AN beach. Room 9304 has a nice view and gets late afternoon shade. As Wally mentioned, the view of the ocean is obstructed. Don't worry about getting an eye full of the AN beach. It's at the end of building 9 so not easy to see unless your room is close to it. If you'd like to see some pictures of CN, to include from the balcony, here is a link:

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    Thank you Bart and Bug! I so appreciate your recommendation and the beautiful photos. We will be arriving at CN on April 5th and have requested third floor in Building 9. Can't wait!!

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    Glad to be able to help. We're sure that you'll love it there. Hopefully you signed up for Romance Rewards . If not, it's a good thing to do. If you return to a Couples Resort, you'll get some perks. On your first trip you can even do a "Trading Places" over to check out CSA for a day. Enjoy your visit to CN!!

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