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    As a first time visiting Brit to CTI, l was just wondering if you can swim in the sea of the island or is it just the pool where you can swim au naturel

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    There are a few sharp rocks around the island, but I did see a gentleman snorkeling around the island (yes, he was part of the island crowd if you know what I mean).

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    There is a set of steps that you can take down to the sea - however they are richety and we have never actually gone down to do any swimming there. The water is very shallow and there is reef all around the island that can tear up your legs if you're not careful.

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    Beer suds is right. I went down there and checked out the so-called beach and ran into reefs right away. Ouch, no fun! I turned right around and got back in the swim-up bar. A much more agreeable way to get wet.

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    well i am at cti i have been out to the island and i am pleased to report that you can have a good swim from the bottom of the steps just be careful it was a bit choppy when we went . Enjoyed it !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidnic View Post
    . . . is it just the pool where you can swim au naturel?
    Look at the photos on CTI's web page. I think the eighth photo is a picture of the swim-up bar on the island. It's really not big enough to swim in.
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