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    Review of CTI from our stay January 4 - 11, 2010

    Let's get the bad out of the way first....
    The weather was not good, it was cloudy, rainy and windy all week. There was only one day that the sun was out until about 2:00 and the wind was not bad. Watersports and the island was busy, busy, busy that day!!! (I know the resort cannot help the weather, just wanted to report it)

    We were welcomed by wonderful people, cold drinks, and cool cloths. Check in went smoothly and before we knew it we were going to our room. Deluxe Ocean View - Very nice! Great view of Tower Island, plenty of drawers and closet space.

    Restaurants - EIGHT RIVERS - My favorite! Everything was delicious! Enjoyed everything about eating there.
    VERENDAH - Nice, but food was just okay, maybe it's what I ordered. My husband liked his. BAYSIDE - Very good! Service and food were great. Loved eating out on the water. PATIO - huge buffet. If you can't find something to eat here you are in trouble! The lobster was so good on lobster night! POOL GRILL - had burgers/onion rings and jerk chicken YUM!!!

    Nightly entertainment was good, really liked the steel band. The piano bar was really crowded one night but we did not go in. Everyone looked to be having a great time! We did go in two other times to sit and have a drink.

    SPA - I had a manicure and my husband had a massage. Very relaxing atmosphere, nice staff, great services! We also enjoyed the hot tub at the spa often since it was rainy out and we really didn't want to swim in the cold pool water.

    We did get to snorkel once on the sunny day. It was very fun...wish we could have gone out more! We also did the catameran cruise. It did not pick us up at the resort, we were bused to another pick up location, which was fine, I was glad we got to go!

    Red Flag Service - all I can say is GREAT!!!! How wonderful to lounge in a chair and have a great server deliver a tasty drink right to you!

    The whole staff was GREAT! Always happy and smiling making us feel welcome. The wonderful staff is the heart of this resort in my opinion.

    The resort was beautiful! How they can keep all of the sand out I will never know. The floors and walkways were alway clean, no sand anywhere but on the beach. The garden was nice to walk in. It's not real big but it gave us something to walk around in when we just needed to move around.

    Our vacation was awesome! I've never experienced such wonderful people and service before. (hey Otis, David, Katie, Matthew & Danavan) I think we had our minds made up before we even got back home that we would be returning.

    Thanks to EVERYONE at CTI who made our stay one we will never forget!

    Dana and Noel

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    Altho the weather wasn't very cooperative for you, I'm so happy to read that you otherwise really enjoyed your stay at CTI. We're looking forward to testing that red flag service when we arrive in April.

    It's gotten to the point of almost being redundant, but yet another testimonial to the incredible service provided by the incredible staff. And this is one example of where redundancy is a good thing.

    Thanks for the great review.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Red Flag Service! I'm really looking forward to it . . .

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    Thanks! We'll be there two weeks from Saturday. Can't wait! Sounds like it will be our best vacation ever. We have been loyal customers at another resort company (7 times) but based on all these wonderful comments, we may be switching teams.

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    Thank you for your wonderful review. It is so wonderful to see it broken down like that. Sorry the weather was so bad during your stay, but you sound like a very positive, upbeat person who made the best of it. Thanks again for the detailed, organized review!

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    Default Cti

    New are heading to CTI next week and booking a Deluxe Ocean view also. Any do's dont's that you recommend on the rooms section and floors?


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    If you look on the panoramic view we were in building/block 4 on the 4th floor. It was quiet at night because you are at the end of the resort away from the entertainment area. I believe there are also deluxe ocean view rooms closer to the center of the resort which would be closer to the entertainment at night. We did not request a certain building or floor because we knew from reading this message board it is not a guarantee. So we just went with what we got....which was a great room!

    Hope you have a great vacation!

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    Ok, I am going to CTI for our 4th visit in March...but don't know what the Red Flag Service is...please fill me in!

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    You get a red flag while lounging on the beach. When you want a drink just stick the flag in the sand, almost immediately a server will be there to take your order and bring back your drink. No need to get up and go the the bar. It's wonerful!

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    can't wait to go to CTI in may..only 94 more sleeps!!!

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    When my husband and I were at CN we found the "red flags" next to the self serve bar down by the beach we grabbed one and enjoyed getting drinks the rest of the day!
    52 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    Can't control the weather, but there is enough to do. Been to CTI 3 times(always in Sept. for our ann.) and can't wait to go back "home". The staff are top notch which is one of the reasons we always go back to CTI. Tell Byron R&R says hi and have a watermelon daiquri for me. Thanks and have a GREAT time.

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