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    Default Happy Anniversary!

    Just wanted to wish my best friend Jim a Happy anniversary today.We were married 6 years ago today,Feb 4 and I couldn't be happier.{ Except if we were at CSA celebrating!} I watched our dvd and it was the best day of my life. I love you Jim
    OK all you Couples couples, how many years has it been?

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    23 years in July.
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    Ours is 5 years on 1st March and we will be at CSA the week after!

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    Dave and I will celebrate 39 yrs. married this Feb. 13. Our past few vacations to Couples has brought our "coupledom" to the fore in ways we never thought possible after all these years.
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    35 coming in June... but we're going to celebrate about a week or two early at SweptAway!

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    25 years on March 22nd. We celebrated early with our first trip to Jamaica at CTI in January.

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    Forty Five! We spent our honeymoon in 1965 at the Montego Beach Hotel in Montego Bay. At that time, we did not even know that Negril existed. Once we discovered SweptAway many years later, we have been determined to return as often as possible. This year we'll celebrate number 45 at SWA.

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    We're belatedly celebrating our 15th at CTI in Mar/Apr. We hit 16 years in July. I don't feel nearly old enough. LOL! I guess that's what happens when you marry your prom date. (Not AT the prom, we waited a couple years!)


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    Celebrating 27 years on May 1st with our first trip to CSA. Can't wait!

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    Hold your breath.....50! We will be celebrating at our favorite place,CSA in April. We are lucky, lucky people.

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    29 years for m'lady Sue and I.

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    We're Celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary APRIL 16th at CN!!! Married 25 Years ago At Couples Ocho Rios!!! <3<3
    Art xo Francine

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    31 years this June for me and my bride. Renewed our vows at CN for our 25th back in '04. Heading "home" to CSA in April.
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    We just celebrated 5 years yesterday 2/5/10 - I married my prom date too - only it took us 20 years after that prom to figure it out. We are celebrating in April with a trip to CN! There is nothing I like better than spending my days being pulled around on a floaty in the ocean by my best friend!

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    September 8th we will be celebrating 18 years! I can't believe it. We had 'friends' tell us we wouldn't last 7 years. We showed them! Not only has it lasted, but we are best of friends and more in love than 18 years ago.
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    30 - and wow we are still hot as ever!

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