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    Does anyone know if Elkie is still working at the pool bar?


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    Hi Jenni, When we were there early Dec we saw Elkie at the bar at Lychee. Franklyn was at the beach grill bar and Tennyson was at the swim up bar. We missed Ivelyn but heard she was between the swim up bar and the beach grill.

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    Default Elkie in Lychee

    Hi Jenni,

    Sweet Elkie is mixing up mean martinis in Lychee. She said she really misses the beach bar.

    Here she is sporting her new hair-do, with that dazzling smile as always. I got to see photos of her daughter - she's as beautiful as her mom!
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    My husband and I loved Elkie and Ivylyn at the pool bar last March - we'll have to look for them again when we go this March!

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    We were just at CN and spent the majority of our time at the swim up bar with Tennyson and Ivylyn!

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