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    Wah Gwan Couples family, Just booked our 5 trip to couples Sans Souci for April 2020 ( far but booked - let the countdown begin). I was wondering if anyone had updates as to when the Overall of the remaining buildings (D,E,G) was happening. I booked and requested G block - love the double loungers. Any info would be appreciated.

    Corry and Chantal

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    Bumping this thread. Would love an update on refurbishments other than A&B blocks.

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    At the Repeaters Dinner in February 2018 Pierre announced that work would start on G Block in the summer of 2019. However, there was no mention of it at Repeaters this last February, and I'm sorry to say I forgot to find him afterwards and ask specifically. I do hope it does start this year because it is such a beautiful resort but C Block and up are badly in need of some tlc.

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    We have been there 2018, 2017 & 2016 and will be heading there again in July. We attended the repeater's dinner all those past years and they seem to always say that there are plans for renovating/updating the other blocks soon but that seems that is re-occuring statement since again that was stated for the last 3 years and I don't think to my knowledge any other other blocks have started renovation or been updated. I could be wrong though but This obviously does not deter us from returning since we love now doing split stays now between CSS and CSA.

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    Looks it they have a date set for the renovation, major work planned!

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    Interesting - partial opening on July 1st..

    We had a blast when we went during the renovations in 2015 as the resort was mostly empty and they gave us a great deal...

    Eating breakfast outside at Casanova was very nice

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    We will be checking out on the day before this is scheduled to start, could be an interesting stay

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