After a year and a half of planning, our wedding and honeymoon are finally set. I've been scouring the Wednesday specials for almost a year now and ironically the Wednesday special before our final payment was due was the best I had seen by far. So we got our oceanview room at CN for the SR price and I can't wait. Never been to Couples, let alone Jamaica.

Been to Hawaii, Ixtapa, St. Martin, and the Bahamas. From my experience Hawaii was too commercial, Ixtapa was lush but no white sand beaches, St. Martin was too dry, and I was pretty young when I went to the Bahamas. How would you compare Negril to these places?

Also, I know my fiance, being 23, would like to go out at least one night. What bar/club do you recommend for a young party environment? I guess all signs are pointing to The Jungle on Thursday night. How is this club and do you have any other suggestions? Also, how safe is it out at clubs like this late at night/early in the morning?