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    Default Sand fleas at CTI

    I am wondering if sand fleas are a problem at CTI. The thread regarding sand fleas at CSA and CN seems to indicate there is a problem at these resorts at night and early morning. I have been to CTI (Couples OR) twice and had no problem but last year at one of the S resorts we were eaten alive. My hubby and I both seem to be loved by sand fleas.

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    Any beach anywhere has sand fleas. At Couples Resorts the staff does an excellent job cleaning any beach debris up which cuts down of the food for the fleas.

    Try using Skin So Soft or drink more rum. If that fails bite them back!

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    anyone been to CTI that can answer??

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    We have never had a problem with sand fleas at CTI (COR) But we don't typically walk on the sand after dark either. In four years, not one bite, but I probably just jinxed myself [/COLOR]

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    In all of our trips to CTI, we've never had a problem with sand fleas. The only time we did, we were at CSS.
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    I've been to CTI 3 times and never had a single bite. We went to CSS last year and I got eaten up! There almost next to each other but I think it was because of the lush foliage and gardens at CSS.

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    This is our 3rd visit to CTI and we are not having a problem with sand fleas and have not heard anyone else complaining about them.

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    We were at CTI in June and had no problem w/ the sand fleas or any other bug/insect, for that matter!

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    Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate all the responses. We love beaches....if we have to endure a few bites, so be it. Couples is wonderful and I know the staff does a great job of keeping all the resorts in top shape.

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