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    Default HELP..Hotel by Montego Bay Airport

    My husband and I are looking into flying into Jamaica a day early because of a predicted snow storm in PA. I know I read about a hotel close to the airport that some of you stayed for the night before you went to Couples. Could someone please give me that information? Is there anything close by, places to eat, shop, etc.?

    Thanks so much!

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    A few of us have stayed at Toby's Resort.

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    Looks like we'll be coming into Montego Bay a day early! We are booked at Toby's Resort. Thank you SO much for the information, KrisJamie. At least we won't be getting stuck in PA or DC on our way there.

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    Try the Ackee/Saltfish at the restaurant. To date, still some of the best I've eaten in JA or the US.

    We also had a really cool bartender at the outside pool bar.

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