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    Default CSA - BFVS Question! Help!

    For our visit in June/July we asked to stay in the BFVS on the first floor. In the main picture under the room description on the couples website it has no wooden slats on the walls. But in other pictures on the website showing the BFVS there is a room with wooden slats. Are all the rooms different or does floor one not have wood slats and the levels above do?

    Thanks for the help! Hope it wasnt too confusing!
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    For the Verandah suites, there are 4 rooms per level, 3 levels in each building. If you picture the rooms as 1,2,3,4 all side by side, rooms 1 and 4 are on the outsides of the buildings, and therefore have exterior walls. Those rooms have windows on that exterior wall, with slats on them.

    The two interior rooms do not have the slats, as they don't have exterior walls with windows on them.

    I hope that was clear?

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    Ask for a corner room if you want the slats behind the bed. The verandah will also have another side open to it. We love the corner rooms!

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    In the BFVS category, only the corner rooms have the slatted windows on the side near the head of the bed. The interior rooms have walls.

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