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    Default Air Jamaica alert!

    After reading the Gleaner this morning, I called Air Jamaica to find out if our April reservation is still valid. Guess what? It isn't. They are suspending flights from O'Hare on April 12th and we would be returning from Jamaica on the 15th. They are refunding our money but I spent two hours trying to find another flight and the prices were going up by the hour. Seats are also hard to come by and we ended up spending much more money for our flight.

    Just a warning to anyone who has a reservation and good luck!

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    shandi Guest


    We recieved some official details from Air Jamaica yesterday.
    Shandi a.k.a. Andi Conway, Director of Sales and Marketing, Couples Resorts.

    There will be a significant change to our operating plan effective with the change to DST (Daylight Savings Time) in March. These changes will span two periods – March 14th though April 11th and April 12th onwards.

    The below lists the routes that service will be suspended:

    • CHICAGO Sat / Sun rotation effective March 9th
    ALL flights effective April 12th
    • Grenada Effective March 9th 2010
    • Orlando, FL Effective March 9th 2010
    • Nassau Effective April 12th 2010
    • Curacao Effective April 12th 2010
    • Havana Effective April 12th 2010

    Other changes:

    • Chicago – The last Saturday / Sunday rotation will be on March 6th/7th. The rest of the current schedule will operate through April 11th 2010 after which the route will be CLOSED.
    • New York – Effective March 14th 2010 JM010 JFK/MBJ will depart 0600 arriving at 0850. JM011 MBJ/JFK will depart at 1730 through April 11th and then 1800 effective April 12th and arriving Kennedy at 2210/2240
    • Philadelphia – The schedule will remain the same through April 11th 2010 however effective April 12th 2010 the flight will operate daily and depart at 0600.
    • Baltimore – The schedule will remain the same through April 11th 2010. Effective April 12th 2010, the flight will operate on a reverse schedule pattern BWI /MBJ 1500 – 1715 and MBJ/BWI 0945 – 1400.
    • Fort Lauderdale – There will be no change to the daily FLL/MBJ/FLL flights 034/035.
    • Orlando – The last round trip service will be March 8th 2010.

    Our Irregular Operations Department (IROPS) will be contacting all persons affected to advise the re-accommodation options. If we are able to secure an agreement from another airline to accept our tickets for the values for which they are issued then TICKETED PASSENGERS will be re-accommodated accordingly. If we do not secure this facility or if passengers do not wish to accept the routings that we have been able to secure or the new departure/arrival times, a FULL refund without penalty will apply. While our normal policy is ‘6 to 8 weeks’, we will be arranging to repay customers promptly based on the method of payment used.

    *** Unfortunately, additional cost to reroute passengers to their final destination will NOT be authorized.

    Air Jamaica appreciates your patience and looks forward to your continued support as we transition this period.

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    Jeez, this airline always seems to be cancelling flights and shrinking their routes. Has all the makings of a company in big financial doodoo.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Air Jamaica has consistently cancelled flights over the past few years, and they are not being 100% honest with their flights still. I tried to book yesterday and found that every flight out of Ft. Lauderdale at 7:30 AM is booked during April and May. They insist all of their flights are full but last week there was plenty of availability. Sounds like they are in DEEP DOO DOO>

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    I am ready to scream!
    We are heading down on Air Jamaica from Chicago April 11- the last Air Jamaica flight!!!! Now we have to try to find a new flight back home! This is insane now to try to find a new flight and I want to cry! I don't want to deal with this!

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    we have a flight in Nov. does that mean no more air jamaica out of Chicago permanently.?

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    They haven't contacted us, and our flight is scheduled May 1st - May 8th to/from Chicago. I am freaking out.

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    Thanks for the heads up on this. We were heading our April 9th and returning on April 16th from Chicago. I called AJ and they confimed that Chicago's getting shut down April 12th. That means we can go AJ but not return with them. I was able to move up our trip 1 week with AJ with no extra fees involved. Now I'm on hold with my TA to see if we can get a room at CSA, what a mess. To make matters worse, I just realized that we will be gone for Easter and my wife doesn't even know about any of this yet. HELP!!!

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    Isn't Air Jamaica fully subsidized by the Jamaican government? Not the best business to be in if you're a government in dire financial straits...

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    Am I understanding this correctly that ALL Air Jamaica flights will be cancelled out of Chicago ORD after April 12th???????

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    I answered my own question.... they are shutting down service. They are starting to process my refund as I type this. They cancelled on us once before and now this......
    No Couples for us. Bummer. We would have liked to try it. Seeing as our trip has been cancelled twice we think that maybe it just isn't meant to be.

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    April 11 is the last flight AJ is making to and from Chicago. They are no longer flying to or from Chicago after that. Travelocity had no clue when I asked them about it - so obviously, they didn't alert me to tell me the flight was cancelled. AJ tried to give me 2 horrible options to replace my flight. I found an AA flight that was ok instead of horrible and was the same price as the flight they offered (but I had to suggest it)- and they allowed me to change for no extra fees. Seems like they partner with United and American Airlines. If you can find a flight for the same price, maybe they will allow you to switch rather than agreeing to the lousy options they give you. Chicago had no other non stop flights the day we were coming home, so now we stop in Miami.

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    Air Jamaica has been in reported to be in bad financial shape for years and years. The Jamaican government, as condition of a desperately needed IMF loan, has been trying to divest the airline for nearly a year.

    There were news reports in recent days of signing a letter of intent to complete the planned sale to Caribbean Airlines. That may have precipitated the planned shutdown of routes.

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    We called AJ today, and it will take 3 - 4 wks to get reimbursed for the air fare. However, we re-booked our trip from Chicago - Montego Bay on American Airlines. It ended up being cheaper, and still direct. The only thing that stinks is we won't get to Jamaica until noonish.

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    Yes, frustrated with Air Jamaica. Have been scheduled with them on previous trips and cancelled, rebooked, cancelled, a royal pain. Tried to fly them again this time, and lo and behold, the flight is all of a sudden booked, for the next month, Yeah right, they must have cancelled it. So we are flying American out of Mia. Bit of a pain to get there, but the times were great and the price was ok, was hoping for better, but just get us there!

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    We booked EVERYTHING through I am soooo angry I could spit nails right now! We will have to get a new flight the only one is on American...iiiick!

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    AlmostMrsC - AA has nonstop flights to MB?? That sounds like the best option with our AJ flights being cancelled. I will have the hubby call first thing in the AM to re-book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by terri565 View Post
    I answered my own question.... they are shutting down service. They are starting to process my refund as I type this. They cancelled on us once before and now this......
    No Couples for us. Bummer. We would have liked to try it. Seeing as our trip has been cancelled twice we think that maybe it just isn't meant to be.
    There isn't another airline that flies from Chitown to Mobay? Don't give up so easily.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    That's too bad. We flew from Chicago the first time we went to CSA. We have since moved but since my parents live near Chicago still it was a good option if we dropped the kids off with my mom. I liked flying AJ. Oh well.

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    Super glad because of our travel dates, we are on American in May! Terri565, if you are already booked, try and find a different airline! Couples is not to be missed....

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    I almost... almost... booked the AJ morning flight out of Ft. Lauderdale the other day... SO glad I didn't. Instead of getting into JA at 10am, it would have been moved to like 4pm. Yarg.

    I guess it's either AA or JetBlue for us....

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    AA does offer non stop- but rarely. None on the days we were scheduled with AJ

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    I don't know about other days, but the AA nonstop is on Saturdays; that's what we've booked for April. Honestly, even the stopover in Miami only sucks because the Miami airport is the gates of hell. We've never had a problem with AA to/from Montego. The only delay was weather related getting out of Montego once.

    Melly, when they switch you to a new airline I would make sure you talk directly to that new airline to confirm it. We booked AJ about 4 years ago and after changing our flights around on us, they just cancelled it totally. They supposedly switched us to American, but when we got to the airport in Montego to go home, American had no knowledge of it. We had to buy new tickets to go home. Don't trust ANYTHING AJ tells you. Confirm with the new airline.

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    I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! We booked through do I call them, do I call AJ....?!?!

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    I believe the Orlando flight could no longer compete with the new direct flights now offered by AirTran & Jetblue. So anyone flying from Orlando check out these airlines.

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