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    I am really angry! After I though I had everything fixed with AJ and a new flight scheduled for our return home after they cancelled our first one....they changed it again!!!! We were flying AJ Sunday 4-11 (supposedly the last Chicago to Montego Bay flight ever) and now I get an email changing it to Saturday 4-10! This is ridiculous! AJ needs to stop changing flights. They put me through enough drama and aggravation the with the first change!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frednglenna View Post
    We had out TA switch our flight from AJ to Air Tran, no problem and saved $300 to boot. Trip insurance is great. Flying out of BWI on 3 March and back on the 10th, the times are slightly different, but not much.
    I'm curious, why did you switch flights? The BWI flight was not affected by the change until April? Your Air Tran flight will be just leaving BWI as the flight you dumped will be landing in Mobay.....OK, the money part I guess I can understand since it was cheaper. We leave March 28 out of BWI and return April 4.

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