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    Default CN Construction complete?

    Has all of the construction at CN been completed? I see the pool has been redone in October. Looks like maybe the bar in Cassava and the roof of Heliconia...We are coming in Sept and are hoping not to encounter any construction.

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    No worries! It was all complete when we were there at the beginning of February.

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    we are here right now and there is no construction going on

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    Yes, we were there the last week in January and it was all complete. You won't notice much difference because the pool construction was really maintenance (it looks the same) and I didn't notice any changes in Cassava. I didn't notice the roof of Heliconia until a staff member pointed it out to me. Now for dinner everyone is seated outside (great!) and they are able to do this even when it rains. But if you don't look up you won't notice the difference. As near as I can tell, there is no construction going on at Couples Negril now at all. We had a wonderful time (8th trip) and hope you do too.

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