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    Default CSS Beach walks?

    Is the beach at CSS actually long enough to take a walk on? We like to walk the beach. Is this feasible?

    Are there resorts on both sides that join the CSS beach?
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    CSS is in its own bay, there are no resorts on either side. The beach is a few hundred yards long, so you can certaintly enjoy a pleasant stroll, but, if you're looking for a long walk, you'll need to head to CSA and Seven Mile Beach.

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    CSS has a private beach but not what i woul call walkable on the textile beach the water sports is on the left ( facing the water) and the cliffs to the right .. maybe 200-300 meters max
    SSB is much smaller and has the old Shaw park resort ( i think that is the name )and it has its private beach
    if long beach walks CN and CSA are the choices CSS is a small course private beach it is nice but can not be compared to long or bloody bay beaches. Manage your expectations accordingly

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    It'll be a short walk as the main beach at CSS does not join any other resort properties. Here's a look... The Couples resorts that allow you to "walk the beach" are CSA and CN. CTI & CSS have self-contained beaches.

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    The beach isn't very long but you can take a nice "slow" walk. I added some pictures I took from our room, hope it helps. The last picture is Building "D". I took the first 2 pictures from our balcony on the Penthouse to the right. I hope it puts it into perspective for you and helps. CSS is a wonderful place. We were there last April and April 2008. We're big time beach people and are heading to CSA this April. Couples is a very magical place and you will love them all for their own qualities.
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