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    Default ATV tour From CSA

    Has anyone done the ATV tour from CSA? Did you book the tour from the hotel?
    Also how long was the tour and how long does it take to get to the ATV departure location?

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    We went on the atv tour through CSA. You book all your excursions when you arrive. They make it really easy. You just head upstairs in the lobby and they handle all the arrangements for you. Travel included. The atv tour was the closest excursion we went on. Only about 15 minute or so drive. We went to the same location for horseback riding also. But the atvs take much different trails. I think it lasted about 2 hours. You ride into the mountains and visit a little village and old church. I had never been on an atv and my husband rides them all the time and we both loved it. Out of the 6 days of excursions we did it was the best for sure.

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    Thanks for the reply, and 15 sounds awesome, because we don't want to waste the whole day. Thanks again.

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    Went on the ATV tour in March. I thought it was way expensive and the helmet provided was crushing my skull the whole time. My fiance's ATV broke twice and we had to wait while he was given a new one. All of the ATV's were in need of repair, mine took 4 times atleast to get started. The trail is extremely rugged and at a pretty steep incline at times. The tour guides had to assist us during parts of the trip so we didn't tip the ATV's over. The dune buggy's also use that trail and we had a few close calls with them. Of all the excursions I wished we had booked the Ocean Safari, it looked like a blast. We are headed back to Couples in August and think we will do that this time around.

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