made up this list about all things fun sans souci, see how many points you can get!

Take a dip in every pool/hot tub-
- lobby pool 10 pts
- mineral 10 pts
- mineral hot tub 10 pts
-main pool 10 pts
- main hot tub 10 pts
- ssb pool 10 pts
- ssb hot tub 10 pts
+30 pts if done all in same day

Participate in staff activity/game 20 pts
Win prize 20 pts

Walk around the pond 20 pts

Say hi to Crackers 20 pts

Have a drink at each bar
- balloon 10 pts
- beach 10 pts
- martini 10 pts
- main pool 10 pts
- ssb bar 10 pts
+30 if all in same day

Ssb sunset (after 5 pic) as couple 25 pts

Bob Marley shot 50 pts, 100 if done as couple

Visit ssb during the day 100 pts

Go topless on main beach (not the guys) 100 pts

"Special couples time" (in your room please) equal to number of days visit 100 pts, add 20 more for every time over (honeymooners extra credit)

Now go have fun!!!!