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    Default A/N beach ambience

    I was wondering how popular the A/N beach area is with the guest. My wife and I are very friendly and outgoing since we've gone nude for years at another Caribbean resort. I hope we are not going to be the only people there. I heard it is very small and open to passersby. Timman

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    From what you describe it sounds like you are going to CN-

    It's hit or miss as far as how many other guests are on the AN beach, I've seen it completely full at times and 1/2 full others.

    As far as being social - it again depends as to who is there but you should be able to fine at least a few couples to socialize with.

    Have FUN!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    If you are going to CN there is no centralize social area... unlike other resorts which may have a swim up bar or pool. We found hanging in bloody bay offered the best chance to " socialize". The best part about CN was the peace and quiet and " privacy" while on the beach yet the tremendous number of fun cool folks who you did meet and interact with throughout the day. We foudn it helps to see who esle was going that week via this message board and created some rapport with folks before we got to the beach.. have fun

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    When we were at CN the AN area was about half full. There were some groups actively socializing with one another and other people who chose to be on their own. We were somewhere in the middle, quietly reading at times, laughing and talking with others at times. I wouldn't be surprised if you find a similar mix of people when you are there.


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    At CN last September, we tended to 'socialize' more in the Bay. We had quite a "Yacht Club", complete with a inflatable cooler so we didn't have to make so many "bar-runs"! We all just hung out on the floaties, chatting and drinking. When we were on the beach in the lounge chairs, it seemed like we tended to be by ourselves more, reading, gawker wathcing, snoozing, etc. We did hang out in the hot tub more in the evening. I REALLY would love to be there right now...

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    Anybody here going the first two weeks in April? CN

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironranger View Post
    Anybody here going the first two weeks in April? CN
    we may overlap a bit ironranger we will be sunning at CN from Apr 13 - 22.


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    The AN area at CSS was always full to capacity when we were there and a great group of people. We had to get there around 9am in the morning to stake out our area in the mornings and we were not the first there. We always found the AN area to have the more social/fun people than the other areas. I am sure you will find it the same.


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    I am still debaiting whether I want to do the AN thing, I love topless but I am not sure about AN. I like the idea of AN just for me and hubby but I am not so sure I want to socialize, not because I am unfriendly far from it - just not ready to have conversations with naked people. I think I would definitely find it erotic and would probably have to go back for a siesta!

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    We have just returned from a 9 day stay at beautiful CSS. We spent a lot of time on the A/N beach. It's a large area, and although most days that we were there, all chairs were taken, there's plenty of room to be off by yourself. If you choose a spot on the right side of the beach (facing the water), you are a good distance from the pool and social area, and can spend the entire day there by yourselves, almost as if there were no other couples around. If you want to check out some pictures of SSB, we posted some on our thread on the main message board - CSS Review and Pictures. Any other questions you have we'd love to answer.

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    We had a great time playing Naked Bocce Ball with our new friends at CN! The hot tub is another place to meet and greet.

    Everyone was friendly and pleasant and respectful of each other, whether one wanted to socialize, read, snooze, or just be together as a couple.

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