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    Default Weather in December

    I am seriously looking into getting married on New Year's Eve at one of the Couples resorts, but I was told not to go to Ocho Rios that time of year because it is the rainy season, is this true? I think I'd really like to go to CTI but if there is a chance it may rain the whole time I'm there then I may want to rethink things. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!!

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    We were at CTI back in December, 2003 and it rained almost every day. I think we only had two and a half days of actual beach weather. Boy were people upset that trips to the island were only made two days. We were told that it was a very unusual 2 weeks of heavy rain. We were at CSA December, 2008 and had awesome weather. Here's a website for you to get information to help make your decision. Good luck!

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    Our brochure shows the average rainfall diminishing from 18cm to 7cm in November and then in December it drops to 3cm.

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    We were at CTI this past December from 12/27-1/2. The weather was great with the exception of one very windy day. Short showers in the afternoon, but they were only minutes at a time.

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