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    Default CSA was fabulous! I want to be a "repeater"!

    I did a lot of research before deciding on this resort. I went back and forth between the shoe resort, CN and CSA. I finally did what people on TA and the Couples MB said to do and went with the one that called to me. I could have saved a lot of time, since CSA was one of the first resorts we looked at. It was more expensive than what we originally planned to spend, but worth every penny.
    After a short wait in line at Customs, we headed over to the Couples lounge. We had enough time for a Red Stripe and we were on our way. The drive was what we expected since we arrived at 5:00 on a Friday. It took a little over 2 hours to get there with one pit stop to go to the bathroom and grab another drink. Upon arrival at the resort, we were greeted with a cold cloth and a glass of champagne. Check in was a breeze and within a few minutes, we were at the beach party. It had been a long day, so we ate, watched the entertainment and after a few drinks, went to bed. We originally booked a Great House Veranda suite, but our room was closer to the back and we could hear noise from the restaurant. In the morning, we asked the front desk for a room change and we got our choice from several Garden Veranda Rooms. We were able to move the next day. When I first booked our trip, I didn't think it would matter if we were in the Great House or not. Once we got there, I decided that the Great House really is too much like a hotel. As previously mentioned in other reviews, if you are looking for marble floors etc. this resort isn't for you. It is rustic, but clean and comfortable. I didn't see one bug in our room. I only got one or two mosquito bites the entire time. Housekeeping did a fabulous job. Our mini bar was always stocked.
    The food and service at the restaurants were very good. We loved the custom omelettes
    at The Palms. Dinner at Feathers was one of our favourites. In my opinion, the portions were just right. It allowed for us to try an appie and salad or soup (or both) before our entree. Of course, we had dessert most nights, too! Our water glasses were never empty, and we didn't have to wait long for a drink, either.
    We had a lovely experience at the Spa. My husband and I both got a massage and pedicure. One of the ladies from the spa even gave me some Jamaican coins to bring home to my kids! My husband and I used the gym several times, too. We even took a yoga glass together.
    If you are looking for a nightclub, party atmosphere, this may not be the place for you. We went to the see Ultimate Chocolate 3 times and had a blast. Dermon the bartender was classic! "This is serious!" He and Peter, the other bartender sang us the Jamaican National Anthem.
    We had more than enough daytime activities. We snorkeled, did the Catamaran Cruise, went and did the off site tour of Black River, YS falls and the Appleton Rum factory. That was a looooong bus ride, but we did learn a lot. We went to Rick's Cafe. Cool, but if you don't like the smell of pot, don't go there. I was actually quite shocked at how many people smoke it out in public. I thought it was illegal.
    Beach was awesome! Loved the flag service! We were also provided with cold cloths, fruit kabobs and misted with cold water. NICE! I can see how some of the vendors would bother certain people. Just sit further from the water. I think they only have access to the first few feet of the beach. I loved the Cigarette guy! People like him made our stay memorable. We'll be talking about him for years!
    We met quite a few inspirational couples during our stay. Some had been married for 45 years or more and were still having a blast together. They come back every year and meet up with the same people. That is what I love about this resort. It really is like a big family!
    We enjoyed the Manager's cocktail party. What a great idea! Loved the beach bonfire, too!
    It was a fabulous vacation and I hope to one day be a "repeater", too!

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    We have a greathouse veranda room booked for April. Any advice as to what section to request that are room NOT be in? Or for anyone else that had a greathouse veranda room that they liked (good view, no restaurant noise) and would like to share, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Trust me, you WILL be a repeater!!! We just returned home from our 5th trip to CTI and we are already itching to return!! It gets worse every time.....

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    We went once and got hooked. Only been married a year and already plan on going back at least every 2 years. I set up a couples savings account at a bank so we can slowly put money away for our trips. You live once and you never know how long you have. Can't think of anything I would enjoy more than a trip to csa. Just wish I could live there!!

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    Default Glad you had fun

    OMG I had totally forgotten about the cigarette man. "CIG-GAR_RETTES!!!" That was funny. For those who have not been to CSA, he's a 'legal' cigarette peddler/vendor that would sell cigarettes along the beach. Glad you had a nice time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melly View Post
    We have a greathouse veranda room booked for April. Any advice as to what section to request that are room NOT be in? Or for anyone else that had a greathouse veranda room that they liked (good view, no restaurant noise) and would like to share, it would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Can anyone speak on this? If all the rooms are noisy in the GH, we will request a room change ASAP.

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