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    Default Ryan and Tina December 14th CSA

    On December 14th Ryan and I were married at CSA and it was beyond what we had expected. Thanks to this message board I thought I had some valuable information regarding the wedding, resort, food, etc. but I had no idea till I got there that it was way better than I had expected.
    We landed on Dec. 11th and we were loaded up on the bus to go the resort not long after we went through customs and all that jazz. The ride was interesting and I enjoyed seeing the sites and also having a wreck on the way.
    We went to the beach party and it was wonderful!! Wish we could have stayed longer but thanks to a night of not sleeping (due to excitment) and being sick we left early and crashed.
    The next couple of days were spent at the beach working on our tan. It was wonderful!! I can not put into words how great it was to wake up and hear the ocean (we stayed in the Beachfront Verandah Room) and be able to walk out the door and right on the beach.
    Dec. 14th arrived and it was time to get married. The wedding coordinator did a wonderful job on getting us what we wanted. I loved everything about our ceremony!! We wouldn't have it any other way now, looking back on it.
    The wonderful and ever so talented Stacey Clarke was our photographer and she did awesome!! I still look back at our pictures and get goose bumps. The one thing I wanted was to be able to know exaclty what I was thinking in each picture and I can do that.
    The honeymoon was wonderful!!

    I long to return to that wonderful place once again. I can not get over how we never lifted a finger once we got to the resort. It was so night to not worry about anything. I mean we didn't worry about anything!!

    I must give compliments to the resort employees "You all did a wonderful job!!"

    Thanks to everyone that posted (and continues) to post on here, without all of you I wouldn't have known what to expect. Thank you!!

    Here are some pictures.

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    Thanks for posting your review. Your flowers are very beautiful

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    Default Your Wedding

    I was at Couples at the same time. In fact, I got married two days before you guys. I watched your reception in the gazebo quitely from our deck. Your wedding was beautiful, and I remember thinking you were a beautiful bride. Congratulations! I long to go back to Swept Away too.

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    I love your red shoes! How did they do in the sand?

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    sunstarsmoon--Thank you for the compliment on my flowers.

    Cat1865---Thank you!! Did you get married that Saturday? On the beach?? If you were married on the beach I might have watched your wedding from the lounge chair on the beach. Congrats on your marriage and wedding.

    Brynn---Thanks!! I didn't wear the shoes in the ceremony. I decided to go barefoot and then I wore them around the resort for pictures.

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    Hi Bailey 121409 -

    Thank you! We were married in the gazebo at 4 pm on Saturday followed by pictures on the beach and private reception on the beach with family and friends at 6 pm. I hope to see you and your husband next December. We plan to go back for our anniversary every year. Congratulations again on your marriage.

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    Thanks for sharing your photo's they're stunning, I love your dress too its gorgeous! Can I ask what designer its by? Im looking for something just like that but i'm having trouble finding exactly what I want

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    To be honest I do not know who is the designer. I bought it at Low's Bridal and Formal in Brinkley Arkansas. (You may want to google it and see if they have a similar dress on the website.)

    I'm sorry I couldn't be of hlep.

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