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    We will be returning to CN on Sept 22 and staying through the 29th. We will be back celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. We came here on our honeymoon and our 1 year anniversary. We are so excited to be coming back 9 years later. See y'all soon!

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    We will be there 09/21Ė28 celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. We used to go every year but havenít been in 3 years or so. Itís very likely we met previously! Erin & Steve reporting in!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Just book for September 9-15 at Couples Negril ! So excited !

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    We will be there Sept 6-13 then off to CSS for a week!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2cats1dog View Post
    We will be there Sept 6-13 then off to CSS for a week!
    I viewed your CN walkthrough video yesterday. It was great, thanks! Also last year I viewed your CSS video probably 100 times before and after booking and going to CSS June 2018. It was so very helpful, I knew where everything was and showed my husband all the levels of CSS. I felt at home when we arrived. Canít wait for first stay at CN !

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    I posted that I watched your CN video yesterday, but actual that was the Swept Away 2018. Probably go CSA next year.

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    Is anyone else braving the hurricane season and going to CN Sept. 9th week? Two months away !! I read that even the Sargassum (algae) floating in Caribbean may not settle on Western side where Bloody Bay is located. Wish us luck !

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    Thank you so much!!!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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