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    Default Snorkel at CSA

    Hi we are going to CSA for the first time in March(actually first Couples stay). I love to snorkel but my husband can't swim. (Bummer, I know....) Does anyone know if he can just come along on the boat and not snorkel? And, if so, are there refreshments aboard and/or can he bring his own? Thanks in advance for any info

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    Not sure about refreshments, but he can certainly go for the boat ride. They do have life jackets and even those who can swim wear them. Maybe he'll try with the jacket?

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    lala... don't let him miss out!

    He can wear a life preserver and still enjoy the experience... lots of folks do!

    No refreshments on board.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I did not see anyone on our boat that was not snorkeling and there were no refreshments on our boat. Other trips may be different depending on the circumstances of the guests going out.

    If your husband is not afraid to be in the water he might actually enjoy the snorkeling. We were just at CTI and my husband snorkeled. He was not going to originally because he can barely swim and cannot tread water at all. He always wears a life jacket when we are out at a lake. But he decided to give it a try. He did the snorkel clinic in the pool and then went out with a life jacket on and snorkeled. He just floated on his stomach and kicked his feet. He had a very good time and he says he will snorkel in the future.

    Hope you have a great trip!

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    Yup - they'll put a life preserver on him so he can float along on the water's surface as he snorkels. They call it a rubber ducky. The trip's only 45-60 minutes or so in total, so it's not long enough to really need refreshments.

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    When we went the first time almost everyone had a life preserver. They just float around and kick a little to steer. You are so buoyant in the ocean that it almost feel like you have a life jacket on anyway. I don't remember if there were drinks or not but I don't think they would mind if you brought a water bottle along.

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    Thanks very much for all your responses! I think he might give it a try, but he is a very big guy (6'4", 300) and not sure if the life vest would work for him. I didn't know about the clinic in the pool so that would be a good place to see if the life jacket worked. I think he was thinking refreshments because if he was just sitting on the boat, he thought a red stripe might make it better! :-)

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    On our trip to CSA last month, I swim very well, but stayed on the boat because of a sore throat while my wife who doesn't swim as well went with the aid of a life preserver. It was one of the highlights of her trip. Marlon with the water sport team was a great help, he pointed out different things to look for. She had some "snacks" for the fish and had a large school of them around her.

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    We're at CSA now, and he can certainly bring his own drink with him, but it is a short trip. The snorkel stops are not very deep, so put a Jamaican Rubber Ducky on him!!

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    Thank you all!!

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    Remember, when snorkeling in the ocean, you're in saltwater. A person is more bouyant than when in fresh water. By how much? Well, by enough that extra weight is used by scuba enthusiasts.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I was going to say the same as Chris. If he tries it in the pool and still feels uncomfortable that does not mean he would feel the same in the ocean. The beach is great great at CSA so he could always get a feel for it there. I don't know if they would let him take a life vest out there or not. It is a very gradual incline so he could get just a feel for how buoyant he is in the ocean where it isn't deep.

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    Great ideas! Thank you. I think I can convince him to do that. He really does sink like a stone so making sure he can try the lifevest in water where he can stand up is important. I really appreciate the responses!

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    As others have said, you can bring beverages on board, but beyond that, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do! When you snorkel you will almost certainly get a good amount of salt water in your mouth. At least I did. The first time we went snorkeling we didn't have any water with us for the return trip and were really wishing we did. We went snorkeling 3 more times and took water with us each time. It really is a life saver.

    I'm a pretty good swimmer and I used the rubber ducky. It's actually quite relaxing to be able to just float along and watch the fish around you. Your husband sounds like he might just be big enough for a double rubber ducky! The watersports "brothers" are really top-notch and will make sure you both have a blast.

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    Default Snorkeling / Night snorkeling

    Last year we spent 2 weeks at CSA. Absolutely Paradise. Snorkeling is also my passion. HI TO MARLON and the rest of the water sports crew. Great guys. I have learned if you want to see fish take a banana into the water with you.Pinch off a little at a time and watch the schools of fish surround you. Second thing- Go NIGHT SNORKELING.. it's INCREDIBLE!! You see things that aren't out during the day. I saw Moray eels, sting ray, lobster, puffer fish. ETC. It's a totally different world at night. Well worth the $35 it cost. Good Luck. I can hardly wait 28 days til OUR secret rendevous..don't know where we're gonna be yet.ENJOY!!

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    I am new to the boards and will be going to CSA for my first trip in April. Do I need to reserve snorkeling??? How often does the snorkeling boat go out? THanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by kak2836 View Post
    I am new to the boards and will be going to CSA for my first trip in April. Do I need to reserve snorkeling??? How often does the snorkeling boat go out? THanks
    You can sign up that morning or day at the sports hut near the beach. I don't know the exact numbers anymore but last time we were there they went out a few times a day. We were able to get on the list at the last minute a few times but it would be best to reserve it in the morning.

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    I believe the boat goes out twice a day. If I remember correctly you can make reservations the morning or afternoon before.

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    We just got back from CSA. At least this time of year, the snorkel trips leave at 11:00, 1:30 and 3:00, except on Thursday, there is no 3:00 snorkeling trip. I'm sure that can change. You can reserve a time up to one day in advance.

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    I am timid in the ocean, but decided I can't miss the snorkeling. We joke that I need a life jacket, and arm floaties. I can't wait for May!

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