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Thread: New Flyer?

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    Default New Flyer?

    Few Questions:

    Can I pack bigger bottles of sunblock, lotion, etc. in my luggage?

    Once you pay for luggage fees when departing do you pay again when returning?

    These may be silly questions but this is my first time flying so please be patient.

    Thanks A Bunch!

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    Yes...You can pack all your larger (more than 3 oz) liquids and gels in your check bag...

    Unfortunately, yes... you will be paying both ways for your luggage, and those charges are applied at checkin... each way. Reason... you don't ALWAYS come and go with the same amount of luggage; and your more likely as not to have more luggage on the way back from Jamaica than what you arrived with. Personally, I normally pack a duffle in my check bag for such additional stuff as coffee and rum.

    There are no silly questions, but there can be plenty of silly answers.

    Feel free to light us up with more!

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    Assuming you are travelling from the US, this should answer your carry-on question. Bookmark the page as regulations change often.

    For those travelling from Canada.

    As for the other question check the website of the airline you are travelling with, the airline directly, or your travel agent. All airlines have different baggage rules/costs, and they change like the wind..

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    If you are going to put liquids in you luggage I STRONGLY suggest putting them into ziplock baggies. That luggage goes through a lot and with the pressure change and it being tossed around bottles tend to open. There is nothing worse than trying to get shampoo out of your clothes while on vacation! There are a few things that are not allowed in your checked luggage but you probably wouldn't bring them anyway.

    Another reason you pay both ways is that people don't always take the same airline both ways and everybody wants their money. If you have two airlines on the same leg of the flight (airline one, layover, airline two) you only have to pay once. Also, since you do have to pay both ways you might want to use the internet at the resort to check in and pay for your luggage 24 hours prior to your flight time. Check on your airline's website because some charge you more for paying at the airport rather than paying online ahead of time. You can check in and pay 24 hours before your flight departs so doing it from home will be easy but you have to wait to check in for your returning flight.

    They change things once in a while and they make it fairly difficult for people so it is only natural to have questions!

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    With respect to paying for bags, most airlines still give each person at least one free checked bag for flights going to the Carribean. You might call your airline and ask them.

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    Thanks so much for all your responses. I will be flying with American Airlines. Feel free to share any information you think will be helpful. The more info the better.


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    AFAIK, American still allows 2 free checked bags when flying to the Caribbean. It's only domestically that you have to pay for bags... and really, go ahead and check your luggage. We've never waited for luggage in MBJ, so I don't fight with the carry-on only scenario. (I like my stuff. ) Make sure you put a bathing suit and a few necessities in your carry-on, however, in the unlikely event that your luggage gets lost in transit. (Only happened to me once in 30 years of flying...)

    And have a great trip!

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    As noted elsewhere, each airline has their own rules on the fee schedules; further compounding them is their definition of "international" flights from the US.

    When we went to CSA last September, we were charged for the first checked bag (US Airways) each - US Airways considered the Carribean part of North America. However, we discovered on the way back that they didn't charge for the first checked bag (but did for the second) coming from Jamaica to the US. Go figure. But this might have changed; their website is (and was then) silent about it.

    As noted elsewhere, American Airlines doesn't (currently) charge for the first checked bag to/from Jamaica, and we're seriously looking into using them this coming September for our trip to CTI. Given that US Airways has upped the charge to $23 per first bag, that makes a big difference. (That and the fact we can get in 5 hours earlier with AA...)

    (BTW - AA also doesn't [currently] charge to pick your seats ahead of time, while US Airways charges $5 per person each way - that also adds up.)

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    Just looked at American's website - first bag free and second bag is $50 for flights outside the US. That's per person, so between you and your spouse, you can bring two checked bags for free.

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    Thanks So Much!

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    Elaine -

    I was looking on American, and it looks like from the US to the Caribbean, you still get 2 free checked bags... where did you see first bag free and second is $50? (Just want to make sure I have the right info as we will probably be flying American to MBJ.)

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    I never realized you got free bags in this case! Good to know!

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    Am I reading it wrong or does AA allow two still? Is Jamaica considered "other international travel"? I don't see Jamaica listed specifically.

    We are taking United on the way there and they allow one or two free bags depending on your ticket or frequent flier status. That saves us a few bucks!

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