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    Default cti

    cti in feb after an amazing dinner

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    Default "Our Honeymoon at Couples Ocho Rios"

    1-Couples Entertainment
    2-"Our Honeymoon" 2005
    3-Couples Ocho Rios Sunset
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    Default Paradise Found!

    Paradise Found! Enough said.
    CSS February 2 to 12, 2010.

    1. Sunset.
    2. Majestic tree.
    3. Bird in Paradise.
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    Default A-Okay in Jamaica!!!

    A-Okay in Jamaica!!!
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    Default Feb Photo Contest

    1. A Hammock waiting for me (CN)
    2. Just another sunset on the beach at CoupNegril
    3. My wife and new friends playing in Bloody Bay

    What a wonderful place!!!
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    Default Swept Away in February

    1. Reservations for 2
    2. Prime seating at sunset
    3. Fruit kebobs anyone?
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    Words cannot express what this trip did for me and my wife. We had the greatest vacation we have ever had on this trip and here are two pictures that I made while staying at CTI Feb. 7 thru Feb. 13....
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    Default CSS - January 2010

    Rain before breakfast makes for a beautiful morning.

    A good place to spend the day

    A great place to watch the sunset

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    Default Great Views at CTI

    Last August my husband and I celebrated twenty years together by escaping our daily life for the beautiful views of CTI.

    1) The view from our room. Looking out upon the island was our favorite way to start and end each day.

    2) The best breakfast view. My husband always sat with his back to the ocean so I could enjoy the view. I only had eyes for him.

    3) The view to the pool bar. Our oasis within the oasis.
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    1. Message in a bottle from my boyfriend on valentines day
    2. beach chair
    3. Pina Coladas
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    Default Couples Sans Souci - Jan. 2010

    Couples Sans Souci - Jan. 2010
    1) A Hermit Crab Welcome
    2) Postcard Perfect - Mineral Pool
    3) Camouflaged Lizard
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    We were at Couples Negril February 12 - 19, 2010. It was our first time at Couples and our first time in Jamaica. We will be back! It was a wonderful respite from cold, snowy NJ and the best Valentine's Day ever. Before we left NJ, my husband got a 'special' pedicure! Here are his feet while he relaxed on the balcony of beachfront suite 6301 - the best room ever!
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    We were at CSS Feb 13-20, What a great time despite the weather.

    Weather actually helped with the pictures...

    First two were taken while my wife was working out, third was totally fluke as far as timing goes. We were having a drink by the Balloon bar when the sax player was setting up. My wife made a request, and I had my camera with me.
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    We where at Couples Swept Away Resort from 2/7/2010 through 2/12/2010
    Sunset horseback riding on the beach
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    A perfect ending to a perfect Couples Swept Away day.
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    Magnificent flora outside our veranda.
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    Default Jamaica to Michigan

    Fourth time to Couples, first time to CTI, could not have had a better time, Feb. 5th through the 14th. Had to come home and keep the feeling going!
    1. Tower Isle, Jamaica the beauty and magic had us, so......
    2. Tower Isle, Oxford, Michigan, God gives us snow, so >>>>>>
    we continued our vacation here back home.
    3. Toes leaning towards another beautiful day in Paradise, CTI!!!!
    Barb and Mark
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    Default Photo Entry to help with our couples detox

    We were at CN Feb 6th -13th and really fell in love with all that couples could offer, and we too fell inlove all over again with each other.
    Photo 1- My husbands humour!!!
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    Photo 2- A spotless beach
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    Photo 3- I left my heart at CN ( getting set up for Valentines day)
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    Couples Tower Isle, Nov 15-22, 2009

    1. Newlywed Game at the Piano Bar...we WON!! Just like cutting our cake at our wedding a few days earlier!!

    2. Our last sunset...until next time CTI!!
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    Couples Tower Isle, Nov 15-22, 2009

    Enjoying the perfect view of CTI from the water...amazing!!
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    Default February contest

    I see there is a shot already entered that is similar to mine, but I want to share my wife having the time of her life snorkeling at CSA last December.
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    From Sans Souci September 2009. We spent our 29th anniversary there and we will celebrate our 30th there in September of this next year.

    From Swept Away November 2009. We celebrated my 50th birthday in Jamaica and this is my celebration dinner. We shared a very lovely evening, complete with music and dancing for two on the beach.

    These are my parents, Larry and Judi celebrating their 50th anniversary at Swept Away in December 2008. It just shows that this resort is for every age! Couples has become a family tradition!

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