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    Default February Photo Contest

    1- morning on the beach at CTI
    2- speed trap: stop, or take a chance on the machine gun?
    3- midnight rain on the island

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    Default First Trip to Couples - CSS

    We just returned from our first amazing couples vacation - it won't be our last. We have not downloaded all our mega pictures but here are some of our favorites so far. Note our theme is nature (one of the reasons we chose CSS)
    1. Anole displaying its colours (maybe trying to attract a female)
    2. Couples don't only come in humans - we loved the pond for its nature and saw this "couple" of herons - we think they were contemplating supper
    3. Doctor bird (Jamaica's national symbol)
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    Default January Photo Contest

    We just returned from Couples Swept Away where we went for our honeymoon Here are a few pictures from the trip.

    1)Our beach chairs, where we sat and made plans to spend our first anniversary at Couples this time next year

    2) Honeymoon in Jamaica - writing in the sand

    3) The beautiful hibiscus outside our room (which happened to be our wedding flowers!)
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    Default Couples Swept Away Negril

    We stayed at Couples Swept Away Negril Jan. 18 through Jan. 22, 2010. It was wonderful and below are a few of my favorite pics!
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    Default Couples Negril, Jan 2010

    Name:  Jamaica 2010 195.jpg
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    Our last night at Couples Negril.
    Name:  Jamaica 2010 069.jpg
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    Many starfish to look at.
    Name:  Jamaica 2010 125.jpg
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    To our new friends we made!!
    The party we had in the hot tub for the day and night because it was a rainy day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default ~~Our visit Home!!~~

    1. Some of our best memories are always in the company of great bartenders and Jamaican martinis!!
    2. Having a little creative time!!!
    3. Taking it all in. This was our next-to-last evening/sunset at CSA.
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    Default Our honeymoon

    Here are memories from our Honeymoon!

    2-beautiful water
    3-lobster private dinner
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    Default Our honeymoon

    Forgot to put that our photos are from Couples Negril Oct 2009

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    Default Honeymoon, Couples Negril July 2009

    Memories from our honeymoon at Couples Negril in July 2009

    Name:  Photo Contest 1.jpg
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    One of our favorite activities at Couples Negril combined with our favorite view!

    Name:  Photo Contest 2.jpg
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    Paradise in the distance coupled with beautiful landscape

    Name:  Photo Contest 3.jpg
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    The highlight of our honeymoon was arriving to the table for our romantic sunset dinner on the beach and seeing my new last name for the first time!

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    Default Island Reflections

    On our January 2010 (14th) visit to our favorite resort we were pleased that CTI added a new restroom near the Bayside as part of the beautiful renovation.
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    We visited CSA for New Year's 2010. (Dec27-Jan3) Here are a few of our favorites from trip #4:

    Nothing's better than floating in the Caribbean and having this view instead of your work computer!
    Name:  DSCF0204.jpg
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    THE best resort in all of Jamaica!!
    Name:  DSCF0226.jpg
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    Nobody throws a better NYE party than year I might even get to serve!!
    Name:  DSCF0452.jpg
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    Oct 2005, Dec 2006/Jan 2007, March 2008, Dec 2009/Jan 2010, June 2010, June 2011, June 2012, July 2014

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    Couples Negril....
    1. A beautiful way to end the day!
    2. Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigars.....
    3. Melon carving by the pool.
    4. My favorite shot...Bob Marley
    5. The rainbow of Water Sports
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    Glenda & Mickey

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    Default February Photo Contest

    Bob Marley....enough said!
    Name:  bob marley.jpg
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    A beautiful end to the day...
    Name:  cat sunset.jpg
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    Melons in Jamaica..
    Name:  melon carving.jpg
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    The rainbow of Watersports..
    Name:  ws2.jpg
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    The logo says it all..
    Name:  pool.jpg
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    Glenda & Mickey

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    Default Love is in the Air

    Attachment 4649

    Name:  contest3.jpg
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Size:  50.9 KBThe following pictures are a combination of the ways I continously see love in people and nature around me.

    I am not a professional, but love to capture the worlds beauty on film
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    Default Nature Revieled

    Photographed by Emily McNutt
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    Default Couples Negril

    1.Gorgeous chandelliers
    2.The boardwalk
    3.Beautiful castle ruins
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    btflfeet....while your pictures are very beautiful this photo contest is to be from your couples vacation and not random places...and they are to be of your own photos not photographed by someone else.
    Oct 2005, Dec 2006/Jan 2007, March 2008, Dec 2009/Jan 2010, June 2010, June 2011, June 2012, July 2014

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    Default Help We are under Snow in Ohio I need SUNNY JAMAICA

    Name:  2009-10-04_0001 [50%] [Desktop Resolution].jpg
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    Name:  2009-10-04_0006.jpg
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    Name:  2009-10-04_0005.jpg
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    Default Our First Visit HOME

    1. The ice sculpture at CSS 4th anniversary party....COOOOOL !!!!!!

    2. What a view....taken by my beautiful new wife as we got married during this trip to CSS

    3. The fire eater at the CSS 4th anniversary party...HOT HOT HOT !!!!!!!
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    Default Ahhhh.........the thrill of negril

    When I am in Negril, I am the king of the castle....
    Name:  P1010778.jpg
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    red red wine you make me feel so fine.......

    Name:  P1010670 (2).jpg
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    we all need to look in the mirror more often...

    Name:  P1010871.jpg
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    Default February Contest

    1.Having fun in the CTI's main pool.

    Name:  jimdianeunderwater.jpg
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    2. Full moon over the Bayside Restaurant.

    Name:  Bayside-Moonlight-002---no-border-a.jpg
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    3. CTI Panoramic

    Name:  CTI-Panoramic02a.jpg
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    Default The best days of our lives....

    1. Arriving to PARADISE
    2. Shower time looking out
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    Default Couples Negril Over New Year's Weekend 2010

    We immensely enjoyed our first visit to both Jamaica and Couples. Our expectations were high after reading all the glowing reviews on this message board. Our expectations were not only met, but greatly exceeded by the wonderful folks at Couples Negril. A big part of our deciding on a Couples vacation was due to the information and photographs we discovered on this board. Here are a few images from our visit which we hope may inspire someone else pondering their choices. BTW, we've already booked a return trip to CTI this April!

    The catamaran cruise is not to be missed - the excitement of the boat ride, the music, drink, dancing, and certainly the beautiful sunset on the way back.
    Here's a toast to the fun shared by all.

    The beauty of the grounds also impressed me. Even a simple mushroom growing on a log near the spa captured my attention.

    The elegance of Otaheite is noteworthy. Its ambience sets the tone for the evening - the food is wonderful!

    Here's a link to our photo gallery for this visit:

    And a link to a slideshow of the same:

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    Default February photo contest

    Vacation as CTI end of June 2009. Renovations at the resort were
    excellent. Staff very helpful with outstanding food. Hope you enjoy these 3 pictures.

    1. Beautiful surrise to the start of a wonderful vacation.

    2. Buddha in cooling pool in a new spa.

    3. Evening shot of new diving board water feature.
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