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    Great time. Brought friends this time. One couple took a little convincing but they won't for next year. Happy faces through life preserver.
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    Default our lucky vacation in paradise

    We arrived on friday 11/13/09 and departed on the 20th. The week was full of 13's. Our gates in Maryland were 13 coming and going, and our room # ended in 13. If I had superstiions about friday the 13 they are gone know, I was also born a friday the 13 so it must be my goodluck #. The first are our lucky flags we all know what to do with.The next one was the last of the sunset of that trip,we meet a great couple from South Dakota and they took it for us.The last one is of our chairs, same place everyday. We are planning the next one for a longer stay!! [ATTACH][ATTACH]Name:  IMG_8760.jpg
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    Default Couples Sans Souci Honeymoon

    My Husband and I spent our honeymoon at CSS in Nov 2009. We loved it and cant wait to go back.
    1. Love by the pond
    2. Huge cotton tree
    3. Beautiful Hide Away scenery

    Loved the way the pond looked and wanted to take a picture by it. There was a concrete block I placed my camera on to take the picture

    Couldnt get over how big this tree was. So beautiful

    This was right by where we got our massage at in the hide away. We loved hearing the sound of the waves crash up on the rocks.

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    Default have to get back to csa one way or another

    1. The BEST way to start your day! We loved the view of the garden as the sun came shining through each morning.

    2. We were in awe of the spectacular hues of nature. The beach was so beautiful there, even my husband had to jump in.

    3. We heard rumors about the sunset on this side of the island & we were not disappointed. The best way to finish the day...relaxing in the hammock at CSA with your sweetheart, watching the sun drift off into the sea.
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    Default Couples Negril - March 2009

    We are looking forward to our second trip in March 2010 - Once you go, you know!

    First picture is one of the many beautiful sunsets that everyone gathers on the beach to take in the magnificance that is Negril.
    Second picture - Home sweet home! The view when you arrive!
    Third picture is another sunset - one as spectacular as the next - taken near the water sports hut.

    See you soon CN!!!!!!!
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    Our repeat visit to CSS in October 2009 - our second time to CSS and our 6th time to a Couples resort.
    1) The most perfect way to start your day - CSS October 2009
    2) Sundown - Couples Negril March 2009
    3) A glimpse of heaven (from SSB) - CSS October 2009
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    Default Absolute Bliss

    Name:  Tower Isle.jpg
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    Absolute Bliss

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    Default February Photo contest

    1. Tower isle at it's best.
    2. Relaxation: That's what CTI is all about.
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    Default Room G16 at San Souci...Amazing!

    Married at CSS August 2009....Cannot wait to get back!!
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    Default Unforgettable

    1) Storm Passing 7-Mile Beach
    2) Jamaican Blue Sky
    3) Picturesque Path

    8 nights - May 2007 - CSA
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    Default Couples San Souci, Jan 2010

    This was our first time at a Couple's resort and we cannot wait to go back.

    1) Breathtaking sunset at Sunset Beach
    2) Pretty as a puzzle
    3) Drink under the stars
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    Default Love is in the Air

    Love is in the Air
    Vote me #1
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    Default Need to get back to CSS

    1. Biked out to sea to get shot of CSS.
    2. Crackers doing his thing.
    3. Ballon Bar just getting hot.
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    Default February Photo Contest/ Couples is the Best!!!

    Pic. 1 Meeting people is easy at the beach bar CSA!!!
    Pic. 2 Great Breakfast with a beautiful view!!!!
    Pic. 3 View from our Verandah absolutely gorgeous!!!
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    Default Some pics from our visit to CTI/CSS

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    Default our wedding

    Couples Swept Away, Jan 2010

    This was our first time at a Couple's resort, we spent 12 days for our wedding and honeymoon

    1) saying our vows
    2) signing the licence
    3) cuttin the cake
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    Default Couples Negril ~ July 2009

    3 entries to the February Photo Contest:
    1. Looking for Cover during a Jamaican Shower
    2. Our Favorite Restaurant - Lychee
    3. Beautiful Seagrape at Sunset

    Name:  Jamaica Rain.jpg
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    Name:  Jamaica Asian Restaurant smaller.jpg
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    Name:  Sea Grape @ Sunset.jpg
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    Kerri & Dean
    CN 7/25/09 - 7/31/09
    CSA 4/24/10 - 4/30/10

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    Pictures from 25th Anniversary at the Couples Negril resort

    1. Great night on the beach
    2. Great view from our balconey
    3. Great deserts from private dinner on beach
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    Default Sunset at Couples Swept Away

    Name:  Sunset at Couples Swept Away.jpg
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    Default One Love

    Name:  One Love - Beach.JPG
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Size:  22.4 KB "One Love at the Beach"

    Name:  One Love - Sand.JPG
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Size:  25.1 KB "One Love in the Sand"

    Name:  One Love.JPG
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Size:  37.0 KB " One Love at Couples"

    It all started at "Couples" about eight years ago...
    Three sisters & their hubby's from New York, found a fabulous new "Home" at Couples Negril. The Jamaican symbol for "One Love"
    is what we wear everyday to remind us of our "HOME" away from home!!

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    Default CSS 29 Jan - 6 Feb 10

    1. Spooky view from a beautiful balcony!
    2. Does this elevator look straight to you?
    3. Hats off to the amazing staff who set this up every week!
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    Default Sunset Beach Pictures

    Name:  DSCF1654.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF1658.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF1659.jpg
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    Default Couples Swept Away

    Red Striped Sunset
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    One word ....PERFECT!
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    Default Couples Negril

    The beautiful sunset.
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