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    I know couples swept away has a room with slot machines, do any of the other couples have slot machines?


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    Couples Negril does. Though, I don't remember one at Couples San Souci.

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    CN does but they didnt work when we were there

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    I'm scratching my brain. There are a couple in the game room at CN. CSS doesn't have any and I also didn't see any at CTI (that doesn't mean there aren't any.)
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    When were you there? were they all broken, or did they just not have them in use anymore? I thought I was set on Couples swept away, but been liking Couples negril too, it's a hard decision, the hubby is leaving it up to me, but he likes to play slot machines in the evening, a few of them are fine, but why do they have them if they don't work? thanks

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