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    Default Newbies- July 15-21st

    Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I will be at Tower Isle this coming July 2010. We can't seem to find another couple that can afford it, so we are looking to meet up with other couples who are going. Mainly to hit up Margaritaville or to do other activities together. We will both be 26 years old and we are down to earth and fun! Both college students and I'm ex-military. We are just trying to live it up now while we are young! We look forward to meeting some of you!


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    One tip, Margaritaville is something to see, but the drink and food prices are relatively high. There is an indoor water slide, so wear a bathing suit. It is definitely worth attending at least once, but we have preferred to stay on site for the included beverages and food.

    You will have an opportunity to eat/drink at the airport Margaritaville while awaiting your departure flight.

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    Thanks for the tip! I figured it'd be safe to assume that every place outside a tourist area would jack their prices. It sounds a bit like Senior Frogs with the water slide! We plan to stay on the resort for the most part, too. We chose a couple little activities, but nothing major. But since the trip to Margaritaville is included we will definitely check it out. Three more days!

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