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    Default CSA Ultimate Chocolate question

    I'm studying the activities list here on the Couples site and am trying to figure out when Ultimate Chocolate is performing. Is this listed as "Blazing Piano"? If not, can you help me with his schedule. Thanks much.

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    Ah, you've figured it out!... Ulti is the best damn piano player in the Caribbean, no contest, shut the door... (see our pic below!)

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    We saw him on a Thursday night. It was a kind of "Name That Tune" type of set up on that night. The guests in attendance were so good, that most songs stopped after only a couple of notes or bars. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun. I just wish I could have heard Ulti play for a longer period of time or a complete song. Oh, he also let one of the guests have the piano for a few minutes. He was very good too.
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