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    Default Couples after S?

    My son is getting married at S in May 2011. I have been going over the couples boards for the last year, very anxious to try Couples. My husband and I are thinking of going to Couples Negril after the wedding for a few days, since that is the one that seems to be calling to us. We like tropical, laid back, a beautiful beach, nice pool area, and a comfortable bed. We are in our mid-50's and like the idea of not being so spread out as SWA and we're not interested in the clubs, etc nearby. Is this a good choice for us? Will it be disappointing after the room at SRC or a sigh of relief to be more laid back and great food and service? Thanks for your insight! We're really looking forward to trying Couples.

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    Well, I haven't been to SRC, but we went to the S resort in the Bahamas for our honeymoon. I wanted to go to Couples, a travel agent talked us into S. We were really disappointed in our choice. Finally made it to Couples (though, we go to Swept Away) and realized I was right to begin with (which I love! ). Couples tops S in every way, IMHO. The cost is more reasonable, the food is WAY better, the rooms are decorated more to my liking, there are no "playmakers" holding limbo contests by the pool..there's just less "cheese."

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    been to SN several times most notable differences are
    1) SN is 60-75% honeymoon couples while we were there which can be both a pro and con
    2) SN demo was 25-35 where CN seems to be more >35
    3) Couples because of its target demo is more laid back in terms of arranged " activities" however the post 9 pm " activities in general are also more laid back ..
    4) at this point of the erosion aftermath CN and CSA have a much nicer beach then SN sad but true ....
    5) SN rooms are superior in terms of look feel beach proximity and upscale vibe ... enjoy

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    As far as "S" is concerned, you'll be ruined by Couples, never to return...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasandpeg View Post
    . . . .Will it be disappointing after the room at SRC . . .?
    You won't be disappointed if you manage your expectations. Take the photo tour for CN and click on room pictures on the aerial map so that you can see pictures of the room and you'll know what to expect.
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    Chris hit that one on the head. We've been to two "S" resorts before we were dragged to CN by our friends. OMG we've never been back to the "s" since. I'm sure you've read everyone talking about "coming home to Couples". Thats why we keep returning to CN. At Couples your a name or a person not a room number. Our group goes to CN every other year and on the second time back one of the staff that rakes the beach in the morning remembered my wife asking about a flower, before we even saw him he walked over with one in hand and said "can you remember the name of this flower from the last time you were here"? We were hooked!! CSA is the only resort we haven't tried. Congrats to your son. Maybe he'll change his mind and get married at CN lol !!

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    We have been to 2 S resorts 1 of them being in Jamaica SDR. We were not impressed with either resort and found them to have a very "upstairs, downstairs" feel to them, not nice. We visited CN last year and we were a little concerned that it may have turned out to be like the S resorts. CN was absolutely fantastic and knocked spots off the S resorts in absolutely every single respect.
    This year we are going to try CTI, but never will we visit a S resort again, they just don't compare!!

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I can't wait to come. I wish it were sooner. I tried to talk him into getting married at Couples, but he didn't want his guests to have to drive so far from the airport. So, I'll have to just be glad I get the opportunity to come to CN. I'll be reading the boards and counting the days until I get to paradise!

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    We've been to 2 "S" resorts (in '98 & '03), both in St. Lucia, and we don't plan on going back to another one of their resorts. Generally speaking, a totally different crowd than you get at Couples resorts; totally different feel or vibe.

    We just got back 2 days ago from our 36th tropical vacation (been to Jamaica, Mexico, DR, St. Lucia, Aruba, St. Maarten, Bahamas) & Couples still gets my vote for number 1 !! We'll be back to CSS in April for our 5th trip there & our 8th Couples trip.


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