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    Default Clothes??

    Ok so I know this is repeat from other posts but I would love to hear honestly from those of you that have been to CSA as to what I should pack as far as clothes for myself and my hubby. I dont wanna over pack and I tend to do that. Im assuming mostly swim wear and coverups. What about dinner attire, shoes etcI really wanna go ahead and start packing now... I mean its like in the 30's here and not like Im gonna need any of those items now. Only 40 more days to go I think lol
    Thanks Mindy

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    If you intend to dine at Feathers, hubby will need at least one pair of slacks (not denim), one button down shirt, and a pair of nice closed-toed shoes. You'll need something nice (like a sundress) and sandals (not flip-flops). Other restaurants are more casual, with nice shorts, shirts, tennis shoes, etc. being more the norm.

    Figure accordingly...


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    Thanks for the tips

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    We just got back from CSA. Honestly, a girl can't have enough swimsuits and coverups. I needed at least 2 suits a day, since I swam laps in the lap pool, and then one for the beach. I tried to simplify things this year and packed mostly dresses for the evening. They were fairly casual dresses, but there is something so easy about slipping on a dress, and yet so elegant. I packed 3 pairs of shorts, and never even put on one pair. We did pack workout clothes, because we love the gym, but this year, we decided to use the laundry service (as opposed to bringing 10 pairs of workout clothes). This really helped cut down on the stuff we had to pack. Bob packs a lot of polo shirts for at night, along with 2 pairs of slacks for Feathers. Although we saw people wearing t-shirts at the Palms for dinner, they really did look out of place. You can definitely wear dress shorts at the Palms, but a nice top for the lady, and a polo for the guy is really much more appropriate. And we definitely saw a guy get turned away from Feathers who showed up in shorts.

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    I brought 5 swimsuits and a couple of cover ups for the week that we stayed. A pair of flip flops for the beach. One pair of black casual dress sandals and five dressier sun dresses to go with them. The first time we went, I brought three pairs of shoes. While I did wear them, it was a bit unnecessary. We ate at all of the restaurants and I never felt out of place (ie too casual or too dressy.

    Oh, and don't forget your beach hats and two pairs of sunglasses. I lost a pair of sunglasses the first year we went and the ones that I found to purchase were quite ugly. Now I bring two - it guarantees I won't lose one. And the last time we went, my beach hat turned up missing. I can't blame them, it was pretty fabulous!

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    You're right, it's very easy to overpack! You are in your bathing suit from breakfast until dinner, so at least 3-4 swimsuits and at least 2 cover-ups. Then you only need one dinner outfit for each night. I like to wear cute dresses (since I never wear them anywhere at home) so I pack one for each night, except our first night, when I pack something more casual. I've narrowed down all of my outfits to go with one of 2 pairs of shoes, in addition to my beach flip flops. Hubby packs 2 pair of long pants and the rest shorts. He also packs 1 Hawaiian style shirt for each night. We each take an extra shirt or tank top and an extra pair of shorts and that's it.

    I'd be happy to share our packing list (
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    Thanks for the great tips on packing. I have pretty much all of my stuff packed, I need to get a pair of dressier sandals to take with me. I feel pretty confident now lol. We leave in 12 days and cant wait!

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    Not even one sweatshirt in case it gets chilly at night? Does it EVER get chilly at night????

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    I wouldn't bring a sweatshirt. It's NEVER that chilly. I did get a little chilly in the air conditioned places at night, especially the piano bar and aura. I'm bring a shawl or lite weight cardigan to wear with my scrapless dresses.

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    This is our list for 8 days. I'm a girly-girl & like to dress up each night. We also Horseback ride & use the gym on occasion. It may look like a lot, but it's really not. We'll each have a suitcase(about half full) and I'll carry on my beach bag. Coming home, there is room for 3 bottles of Rum cream in each bag! Enjoy

    Passports, ID & Pouches
    Money (small bills)
    Credit Card(s)
    Copies of Documents
    Digital Camera* w/SD
    Water Camera*
    Cell Phones, iPod*
    Chargers for above
    Blue & Black Pens*
    Binoculars, Flashlight
    Bug Spray/Wipes
    Swiss Army Knife
    Baby Oil
    First Aid Kit
    Sunglasses, Watch*
    Bendable Straws
    Sit N Floats
    Garbage & ZipLock Bags
    Air Freshener
    Battery Operated Candles
    Wet wipes, Hand Sanitizer*
    Water Shoes
    Assorted Candy Bars
    2-Way Radios

    For Him: Travel Clothes-> Athletic Suit w/Tennis Shoes

    Hats (casual & dress)
    Reading Glasses*
    Shaving stuff
    3 shirts w/collars
    1 khaki & 1 dress pants
    5 Board shorts & 2 Shorts
    5 T-Shirts & underwear
    1 Cardigan
    1 Sandal & 1 Closed toe Sandal
    1 Belt
    Workout clothes

    For Her: Travel Clothes-> Jean Skirt & T-Shirt w/Tennis Shoes

    Beach Bag
    5 Dinner Dresses
    1 light Sweater
    2 Dress shoes (Black & Silver)
    10 Swimsuits
    5 Cover-ups & 5 Tanks
    2 Sundresses
    2 Capri’s & 2 Shorts
    1 Sandals & 1 Flip-flops
    Yoga Clothes
    Floppy Hat*
    Lip Gloss & Nail Polish
    Ponytail Holder & Hair Clips
    Costume Jewelry
    Proactive & Cocoa Butter
    Safety Pins & Needle/Thread

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    We're no help at all - we overpack like nobody's business. I'm ashamed to say how many times we've overpacked. I even practice the "pack way early, then purge the suitcase three times before the trip" method, and STILL manage to overpack!
    I'll be watching this thread for ideas...

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    I am leaving May 16th the morning after our wedding. We now have a list. Oh, Thanks, our stay is 9 nights and we bought new luggage and now know how to pack! Yes, I plan on staring to pack next weekend I am super excited about CSA. My bridesmaid went to CSA on her honeymoon too and gave rave reviews...We overpack too and problaby will think of stuff we would not want to be without. Do you recomed a camcorder I think we are going to bring that and a digital camera which has an underwater case.

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    Is this the "sit n float" you refer to on the list? This looks like a most excellent idea!

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    Default Sit n Floats

    Yes, that's them! They are also sold at Amazon & Ace Hardware.... Just beware, you can't choose the colors that you want

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    I went to Target this week and got a couple. Only $4.99 each! Do you use them in the pool or the ocean? Or both? I much prefer to sit up and float. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    We just got back from 8 nights at CSA and had a terrific time. You do spend the majority of your day in a swimsuit and coverup. Next time I will not take so many pairs of shorts & t-shirts and whittle down the shoes to 3 pairs: running shoes, beach flip flops, and one pair of sandals to wear with all dresses. Be aware that your feet may swell a little in the heat and humidity. One pair of sandals I brought ended up being too tight and I never wore them. The only time I felt chilly was in the air conditioned Aura Lounge and at Feathers and I did have a little lacy sweater to wear but it really wasn't necessary. Evenings are perfectly balmy and no jackets are needed at all. I would also bring another baseball cap as the one I wore to keep the sun off my face started to get a little grungy. I took 3 dresses and one denim mini skirt to wear in the evenings but would increase the number of sundresses to 4 or 5 next time. I took 3 coverups, 3 two-piece swimsuits, 1 one-piece, 2 tankinis. I mostly just wore the two-piece suits.

    My husband also packed too many t-shirts, shorts and shoes. He took 4 swim trunks and that was about right. He would've been happy just wearing his one favorite but I made him change .

    Pack light and use the laundry service if you need to or take a little bottle of detergent to rinse things out in the sink. Leave as much room in your suitcase as you can for souvenirs and rum cream! We were really pushing the weight limit for the trip home.

    The gallon zip lock baggies was a good tip as our shoes were sandy to take home plus some things didn't get totally dry before we left. I would not pack shampoo next time as I was happy with what the resort supplied.


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    Thanks Cheryl!! Although we're going for the 2nd time, it's helpful to be reminded about over packing! We'll be there in 16 days so I need to start making sure I have everything I need!

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    Thank you Montanacouple!

    You have helped me for sure..we are leaving in 11 days 15 hours 23 seconds, except by the time this post shows up it will be 10 days lol

    I am going to take all of your advise, We have been reading the boards for a while because this is our first time to Jamaica.

    I even bought the gallon zip locks already, and I have like 9 sundresses..I may need to unload a few pairs of sandals, I guess I wont need 8 ..the hard part will be to choose which ones I want to
    My Lovie is all set, he has everything in order too.

    I am anxious and excited , but also a bit nervous because we are getting Married there now I am completely worthless at work, and can't even think straight at home..I just hope we remember to bring everything we need..

    Thanks you ALL for your much needed advise for all of us new commers.
    Looking forward to our trip to CTI :-)


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