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    The ocean breezes are blowing, thank goodness! The resort is pretty quiet. We have an Ocean Premier Room in the new building and love the room. Lots of changes, but one thing remains the same--the excellent staff. Lobster was last night, Pool Gala tonight! Going to go to the spa, which is beautiful and make appointments to try to use up the Spa Credits.

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    Have a great time Vicky!

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    Yay for you and Michael!

    Hope you have a blast and keep us posted!

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    Have a WONDERFUL Time in Paradise!!!!

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    have a great time!!!

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    My countdown timer says 125 days, 9 hrs, 29 mins until we get to CTI.
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    You are so lucky I hope this is the trip of a lifetime for you and your hubby!!!

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    Save some rum for us. We will be there friday!

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    I just had an amazing spa treatment thanks to the spa credit. The spa itself is gorgeous. It is so peaceful and tranquil, I could spend all day there.

    Have been to the island, of course, talked with Damien. He is one proud daddy. The food is incredible. We find it hard to stop eating as it is all so good. Lots of repeaters here as well as some newlyweds. It is not crowded at all.

    Will update later. I need to shower to get ready for our dinner at Bayside.

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    Hi Vicky. Thanks for the info. Can't wait wait to say the same things you are saying in Sept.

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    Hey Vicky,
    In case you're checking this post while you're there, what's the local weather forecast for this weekend when we arrive at CTI and for next week?

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    Sorry, I don't know. It has been hot and humid the past few days. It is windy now and has clouded over. We spent the day at CSS and while it was nice, we are glad to be back. The A/N beach was just a little to exposed for our taste. Very quiet also. But we found out when we got back that the group from SSB was over to TI today, so that is why there were only three other couples there beside Michael, Rod & Fiona and I. Well, I need to get ready for the repeaters's dinner.

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    Hooray!! So glad you are having a good time!! Don't forget - pictures are expected when you return! Hug all the staff for us! We miss them!!!

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    Vicky, please hug Ulysses for us! We can email Kirk, but get lost with no way to contact Mistah Davis.

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    Could you possibly send me Kirk's email address, the last time I tried it it was sent back. I would love to let him know that we are coming back in January. If it wouldn't be to much trouble, I would greatly appreciate it. my email is

    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    Vicky, please hug Ulysses for us! We can email Kirk, but get lost with no way to contact Mistah Davis.

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