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    What would you suggest as far as tipping for massages? I had a massage for my birthday last year. It was a gift so I didnt have to pay for any of it. I have no clue on how to tip for these.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I usually tip $10- $15... your masseuse will come out and say goodbye to you after you are dressed and leaving the room, that is the time to shake her hand and give her the tip and thank her.

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    Last I knew they weren't allowed to accept tips. When we went to CSA for our honeymoon in 2008, we got a free couples massage as part of our stay. We tried to tip them afterwards and they refused.

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    We tipped roughly 20% of the stated rate for the massage received.
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    Had to run down and find our ladies. They ran off after the massage and we wanted to tip them. The office lady found them for us.

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    We just got back from CSA and had numerous spa treatments, and Bob even got a haircut. The spa employees ARE allowed to accept tips. We always brought cash for the tip, even if it was charged to the room, or the treatment was free. If the treatment is free, you tip a pecentage of the posted price.

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    The Spa and Salon Staff can accept Tips.

    We like to give $15 each on the Couples Massage. For anything else, I figure 20% of the cost ( prices are listed in the Spa shcedule )

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    We had the couples massage in the treehouse at CN. We tipped about 20%.

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