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    Default Honeymoon Dec 2010

    Plan on booking CSA for my honeymoon in Dec. I'm looking for the best deal, and want to know if I should book now, or wait until closer to my travel date.

    Also, is CSA the best choice for young honeymooners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmithNF View Post
    . . . . is CSA the best choice for young honeymooners?. . . .
    No resort is "best" for a particular age group or for a particular purpose. Different people have different preferences. If CSA is the resort that appeals to you the most, then it will likely be the perfect place for your honeymoon.
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    Yes, this would be the best time to book. Rates are good, room upgrades and the $500 credit. Also, best choice in rooms category. You can always cancel if it gets closer to date and rates fall. Personally , I would book .

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    I have been checking prices for a long time for CSA...I have noticed that for this particular resort, the prices are better if you book early in advance (for my region anyways, New Brunswick, Canada). Prices tend to go up when you get closer to your travel date. I booked our vacation in October for travel in April. I have been checking the prices regularly on the website that I have booked our vacation on and the prices just keep going up.

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