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    Default I can't go back.............................but

    I can't go back to a time when I was a kid, growing up in the postwar 1940's. Many of my memories are still sweet and aromatic. There was sanity in the world and decency in every city and every home. It was the absolute place that I was supposed to be for my childhood. The people and the times helped to build a foundation for my future. Basic values. Basic consideration for one another. Common sense and common decency.
    No indeed. I can not go back.

    I can't go back to the young man that I was becoming when the 1960's arrived. Fresh out of college and facing THE DRAFT. Yes, we had one back in the day. But this was peacetime. So I enlisted for three years. Sept. 08, 1962-Aug. 15, 1965. Shortly after I left the service, I re-met Sylvia. Someone I had known some years ago. We married in 1967. That pretty much took care of the sizzling sixties.
    Hmmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure I want to go back.

    I can't go back to the years when our marriage endured overwhelming stress while trying to deal with the medical issues facing our daughter. Sydney Erica is a person with special needs. She also has seizures. Excruciating days and long horrible nights. There wasn't much time to think about it, we just got up every morning and plenty of nights too, and just did it. For about twenty years. That's all we knew. Only in hindsight did we truly recognized what we accomplished.
    Even so, I know that I don't want to go back there.

    I suppose it's better this way. that we can't really go back. We are left with our memories, some old photographs and bits and pieces of the days when we were young. When our eyes were more clear and our minds less cluttered and tarnished. When we could play outside in the sun all day long, and still have enough energy to play on into the night. When someone kind and comforting took care of all your needs. Who wouldn't be happy?

    Well, even though I know intellectually that I can't go back, it doesn't prevent me from trying. And with some success I might add. How is this possible you ask?? No one can go back in time and be the kid again. I don't have to. I just go to Couples.

    There are many threads that have been woven into the fabric of my life. Some of those connections exist today. The threads of childlike behavior. There are the threads of excitement and care- freeness. There are colored cotton twines that link us to our past as well as to the present and the future.

    Each time we return to Couples, we pick up on the threads of that connect to all the fun, the friends and all the laughter. It is very comforting today, as it was when we were young, to be with familiar friendly people, pleasant surroundings and able to just be yourself. Couples allows each guest to first, capture all the fun and excitement of your first trip to Couples. An experience that no doubt will remain pleasantly planted in your mind. The smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses. Not an unkind thought to be found.
    Then, each time you return to your favorite hide-away, you get to recapture all that you experienced before and add to that. All the warm fuzzy feelings are there. You see the kids from last year or years gone by. You catch up on what all the "counselors" have been doing. You feel safe, loved, warm and very well taken care of. As I said, "Who wouldn't be happy"?

    At Couples, you will find all the friends, fun, love, enjoyment and youthful exuberance that "used to be". You will feel oh so special. You will be very well taken care of by loving and caring individuals. You will relax and enjoy every day to the fullest. And along with our wonderful message board, you are only a click away from your next smile. One scroll down to be part of everybody's vacation adventure.

    Now I get to go back and go home at the same time. Thank You Couples.


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    Your eloquent words described my feelings about Couples exactly! Thank you for sharing. We are planning our 5th trip to a Couples Resort in May, after just returning from CSS in early January. Already, I'm very excited to go back 'home.'

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    So good to read another heartfelt post from you, Richie/Crabracer. It's been awhile. Yes, indeed, nostalgia has its place and knowing where to find it, is priceless!

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    Beautiful - just beautiful !

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    Can you autograph my final bill to couples so that when you become a famous writer I will sell it and take another trip to couples and skinny dip in the ocean as a tribute. Thanks again.

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