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    Default 1st Timers are back - KCandSTL

    Briefly, WOW we had a fantastic time! Everything I read about great food, service, atmosphere, Island, and meeting wonderful new friends is all true. This experience has created a beast in my wife. She was all worried but LOVED IT and wants to come back for more. We met some really great people on the island. I hope you read this and respond. We were the couple from Missouri. Just to mention a few new friends (excuse me if I get your names wrong or have forgotten some but help me out):

    Dale and Kathy (It's my birthday girl!), Ken and Laurie, Ken and Gale, David and ?, Jeff and Michelle (Arkansas), Michelle and Line (UK?), Mike and ? (met you on your last day), a couple from Chicago and Iowa .... these are just a few ...

    Please let me know if we met you. We are coming back ... hopefully about the same time. Will update later on how thoughts and review.

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    Default Review

    Service. Was one of the best experiences we have had. Everything was truely no problem. Bryon our Bellhop always had a smile and a "Roberrrrrt" and "Leeeeeeesa" for us. We went stright to him if omething was needed that was not on the menu. He was a great guide. The whole staff was very pleasant. When the island was closed for a couple of days ... no problem .... they got a bus for us to go to CSS. The next day at the island they let us stay an additional 1/2 hour. Going to CSS gave us an opeortunity to see another Couples. Now we may split our staY.

    Acoomodations: Room 3320, overlooking the peir from the top floor. Fabulous. Room was very clean and the additional amenities (iron, shampoo, ipod, safe, etc) were all present. The bed was more comfortable than the one at home with a nice great comforter.

    CTI: Simply beautiful. Very open and quant. Only complaint is to get the island worked out. Pontoon boat may be the answer with a small pier on the island.

    Food: The food never got old. Unlike Mexico, the food never taste the same. Fish was fish, steak was steak, asian was asian. NO reason to leave for a meal. Bayside recommend the asion beef ... good and not over spicy. Eight Rivers recommend the sampler and samon or chicken ... yummmm. The dinner buffet was great and the Beach Party food even better. Jerk chicken and pork, sausage excellent. CTI island had nothing but fried food ... went back to resort for saland and stuff but at least the staff thought enough to bring food out.

    Excursions: Cat. ride was fun with a swim stop, zip lining great and the horse back ride gave us an opportunity to see the hills and the various fruit. Good entertainment during horseback ride.

    Island: we were first timers but are now lifers. Just like all the posting stated ... we met some wonderful friends on the island. It really was different from the beach ... people were more open and fun ... not to knock the beach it just was different. Wife was real aprehensive about the island but when we went back to the beach the second day she stated, "forget this, we are going back to the island". Duhhhhhh, we were gone!

    My rating ****1/2 (4.5/5).

    Hope to see everyone we met again if not, I know we will meet some great new friends.


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    Glad you enjoyed CTI and that you were able to try the wonderful island and see what we were all talking about! Something I never thought I would do, but now can't imagine not doing it. Enjoy!

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    We TOLD you...!

    But seriously... Doesn't it all make sense now? We're so glad your experience was as great as ours!

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    Default Thanks everyone!

    We still talk about our new found experience! Can't wait to get back.

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    Hey guys! That would be Mike & Evonne from Chicago ..We met right before we went over too CN. Loved it there too. I remembered how worried your wife was to try the island before going. She looked pretty relaxed to me !!! haha! Great meeting you two !

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    Default We remember.

    It was great meeting you guys! We meet several new couples that day you left. Because of you, my wife insisted on coming back to the island. Went to the beach and people pretty much kept to themselves. That's ok, but she loved the island. She feel in love and wants to come back. She loves her full body tan ... so do I! You headed back again next year? You and your wife on facebook or email? Talk soon.

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    KCandSTL thank you for your posting, it is very encouraging. My hubby and I are going to cti for our 30th ann. and I have been trying to get him to say he will give it a try. I think the biggest thing is we don't have the bodies of our 20s and he thinks we will feel let's just say out of shape. I'm sure we're not the only ones that feel that way at first. I just want to try it once, not sure i would get the chance any other time. I did try the line about you know we will probably never see anyone again but I don't think that is true. anyways thanks I will keep working on him, I have until dec. maybe i can get him to lose a bet!!!! ha ha glad it worked out for you guys.

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    Good luck. He will not regret it. Have him get on and read some of these posts.

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