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    Getting in on July 16th....Training imperative for I am doing a 1/2 ironman 3 weeks after returning to the states. I hear there is a few runs that the Fitness director leads. Can anyone give me some insight on this...


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    Yor timing is off by a week or two. You should be going later so you can strart your taper and not worry too much about it. good luck.

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    I would have a plan for the treadmill, bike, and pool..and mix that with a garman to take out with you. If you have a routine or establish one while your there it'll help physically and mentally..just my 2 cents..

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    Default Training at CTI

    We just got back from CTI last night...spent every morning in the gym around 7:30 the place is pretty full...8 am is the power walk with Alfred...I am not sure if he does a run, but we asked him to add additional days for the walk and he agreed. It is 3 miles into the hills and down. I did see a few couples venture out on their own to run. I'm sure if you ask they will direct you where to go. Have a blast!

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