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    Default Are there any bad rooms at CTI?

    My hubby and I just booked our first trip to CTI. Initially, I was planning to book at CSS because after much research, that was the one that "spoke" to me. However, saving a big wad of cash speaks to me even louder, so when I was able to score an *amazing* run-of-the-house deal at CTI, I couldn't help but jump on it.

    Now, not only am I a little sad we won't be enjoying a lovely Ocean Veranda room at CSS, I'm a little nervous that we're going to end up with a really awful room at CTI. With a view of the dumpster or something. Is there such a room at CTI? How are the garden view rooms? I will be temporarily heartbroken if we can't score a ocean view room, so I'm trying to prepare for the worst.

    However, anything must be better than the frozen tundra out my window right now (I'm in MN). And considering I've never been south of Orlando, the bar is set pretty low. :-D

    OMG I can't wait!


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    There are no bad rooms in Paradise. I believe all rooms at CTI have either a patio or balcony, so you will still be able to sit outside. sign up for the romance rewards and you will be able to go on a day trip to CSS (only 2 miles away). You will love CTI and you really do not spend that much time in your room. CTI is our favorite of the three we've tried and that includes CSS. Have a great time.

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    Not sure how the run-of-the-house deal works, but I suspect that if you saved some $$ by booking this way, the odds are you will be staying in a garden view room, perhaps even on the 1st floor. Not that there's anything wrong with this whatsoever, it just could be one of the lesser demanded rooms at CTI. And like any resort, Couples wants to fill as many vacancies as possible, so maybe it takes a little incentive to get certain rooms filled. BTW, not saying it's for sure that you would receive this type of accomodation, but it's quite possible.

    The question you have to ask yourself is how important is it to have your room have an ocean view? Are you planning on spending a great deal of time there? If not and assuming you're given a garden view room, then all you are at worst is mere steps away from seeing that gorgeous water, plus you saved money to boot.

    We booked a Premier Ocean View room at CTI, but it's obviously costing us more than your deal. And we're also booked for 4 nights at CN as well and guess what? We're staying in a Garden View room. How bummed are we that we won't have a direct view of the ocean when we look out from our room? About zero bummed would be the correct amount.

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    Hi my hubby and I have spent time in both Ocean front and Garden view.
    We have not found a bad room yet. The only disadvantage to the Garden View was that you can't sleep with the doors open as the humidity does builds up there. We thought that was strange at first and then realized no ocean breeze coming in.....other then that we enjoyed all our visits and no complaints about the rooms.

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    Thanks for the feedback. As I suspected, I don't think we can go wrong. Having the doors open with the ocean breezes sounds lovely, but I intend to be enjoying that for very few waking hours anyway. Being out of the room for as much as possible is my main goal. That being said, I'm encouraged by others luck with run of the house rooms. And I'm totally not above begging. It can't hurt, right? lol


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