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    We are wine people (we drink at least one glass of red everyday) and from the posts it appears that CN will have a limited variety of probably Chilean and or other South American selections. We drink these from time to time and we suspect that these will be fine for everyday, but from what we have read they probably will not have a "reserve" list for finer dining. As a result we intend to bring four very nice bottles from home in our checked luggage for evening dinners (or at the hot tub). I presume that this is not a problem at CN or any of the Couples Resorts. From the customs info it appears that we each can bring 2 liters into Jamaica, four bottles should not be an issue. We did this into Cancun a year ago and it was not a problem, but that was Mexico. Anybody ever had any experience with this? Thanks

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    Well, you won't have to worry about any corkage fees...

    But seriously, I've heard of people doing this; but hey, you CAN buy fine wine at Couples, too! It might be more convenient to do that (you can have it charged to your room) than to mule your own...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default Byow

    Thanks Chris - We fools be thirsty! Any chance you know whether we can get or view their wine stash online? Avoiding being a mule is probably a good thing, unless my stuff is better that their stuff.

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    Nebraska Fan -

    I took a quick twirl around the website and did not see the winelist. However, there will be a listing of some available bottles in your room, with a more complete winelist at Feathers.

    I suspect that if you know you don't particularly care for Malbec or Chilean Cab, that your stuff will be better than their stuff, although I recall being mildly impressed with the offerings. I just can't remember the specifics, however.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Randymon posted a winelist under the thread titled "Wines available at CN?" - assuming CSA is similar.

    Also Randymon posted recently that they will be shipping a Couples branded wine - under thread "couples branded wine"

    "BYOW"??? -sounds like Beenie Man's signature phrase... byow, zagga zagga.

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    rudi -

    Thanks! While that particular post is dated Sept22, 2009, its probably current enough to illustrate the depth and quality of the wine cellar at Couples.

    I think that's exactly what Nebraska Fan was looking for!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default BYOW Beenie Man Zagga Zagga

    Chris - thanks for the post - see below.

    Rudi - u da mon! Beenie Man - I had to look him up! I don't normally do reggae much anymore, but for this trip I have downloaded a bunch of B and Z Marley and now Beanie Man. Any other recommendations? I forgot how relaxing this music really is. Getting back to the roots. We will be at Couples Negril - any recommendaions for venues for live local reggae nearby?

    Also, thanks for the reference to Randymon's post. After looking at the list I opted to be a snob and buy four bottles here for about the same money as what I might choose from the reserve list and really have better wine. If you or anyone else cares we will be drinking - a 2005 Chateau Montelena Zin, a 2006 Switchback Ridge Merlot, a 2008 Ken Wright Cellars Pinot and for Valentine's night a 2006 Spottswoode Cab; that is, of course, if we don't max out on red stripe and frozen drinks during the day!

    10 days and counting down!

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    Glad to help. Your wine selections look great, but I'm afraid it is a bit of a waste on me - definitely not a wine connoisseur.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nebraska Fan View Post
    Beenie Man - I had to look him up!.... Any other recommendations?
    I wasn't really recommending Beenie Man but am glad you like him. I think most of his stuff is good but mostly just noted the "BYOW" because his tag phrase amuses me.
    For other groups that may be of interest, see this recent post.

    I forgot how relaxing this music really is. Getting back to the roots. We will be at Couples Negril - any recommendaions for venues for live local reggae nearby?
    As far as local clubs, there are none next to CN, but down past CSA there are many and it is just a 5 minutes cab drive away. Alfred's, Roots Bamboo, and The Jungle come to mind. Jungle is more uptempo dancehall and disco. Alfred's is nice. We haven't been to Roots Bamboo but hear about it.

    Chris may be better to comment here as I believe they venture there more often.

    10 days and counting down!
    Ahhh - lucky you. Certainly wish it was us. Have a great trip.

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    Nebraska Fan -

    You'll have just missed the big Bob Marley birthday doings next week...maybee you'll catch the tail end. Keep an eye out for anything that might be going on at something called MXIII. I don't know what it is exactly, other than they are having problems with noise ordinances preventing them from participating in the birthday 'bashment. Sounds like they are a larger venue of one sort or another in the downtown area.

    Take a look at or tripadvisor for a pair of good maps of the Negril area, depicting all of the businesses, bars, restaurants, clubs and resorts along Norman Manley (the strip, or beach road) and West End (One Love Drive or the cliffs road). I looked at the version of these maps this morning that is found on www.talkofthetownnegril and they seem to be recently updated over what I found last year. No visitor to the Negril area should leave home without these maps... they are that good!

    Great wine list, by the way... I don't know if I'd bring that many bottlings given the multitude of options you'll have during your stay... but hey... to each his own, eh?

    Enjoy your stay!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thanks Rudi/Chris - good info. I know I missed the big Bob week, but his ghost lives on in my ipod.

    Thanks for tips on the clubs and map. I did find that map. Other than what one might expect in any foreign land or unfamilar place, do we need to be very concerned about personal safety (assuming we avoid getting blotto) at any of these venues that have live music?

    One can never have too much wine. Indeed I may even throw in a nice half bottle of a tawny port or an ice wine for good measure. We are also staying at another resort for a couple of nights at the of our stay to experience that and plan on saving at least one bottle for a dinner there.

    Thanks again.

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